14 Months Postpartum

While there are a lot of blog posts about being a postpartum mom and what to expect from your body, I thought I would take a slightly different perspective. I am 14 months postpartum with my third baby, and I wanted to chat about what to expect.

1- I still have some baby weight on me.

While I have been working VERY hard to lose the last few pounds, there is still some left. It is not all gone and I am totally okay with that. For those that know me, they will probably laugh. I am quite small, and to them, I’m sure I have gone back to my “ skinny” self, but I haven’t. I was in really good shape before getting pregnant this third time. I have given myself a lot of grace in getting back to where I was. I grew that little human for nearly 10 months. So it’s okay if it takes longer than that for my body to go back to “ normal”. And really, while parenting my wild third child, Momma cannot cut out the wine and chocolate.. and tacos... and all the yummy things I need to in order to loose the weight.

2- My hormones are not back to normal.

I am reliving my teenage acne years. I have a great skincare routine that I love, but even that cannot fix the hormonal acne that is all over my face when I am postpartum. It finally seems to be back under control in the past month or so. On top of the acne, I’m rediscovering all of the fun parts of high school ( middle school) when it comes to periods.... I have experienced the joys of massive cramping, spotting, gushing, and everything in between. I breastfed my son for ten months. I have had four periods since I gave birth 14 months ago. And well, my hormones in that department are still trying to figure itself back out.

3- I still am getting up in the middle of the night.

I realyyyy wish this one were not true... While it is not every night, at least twice a week my son still gets up and cries somewhere around the 3-4am hour. I am exhausted. Fourteen months of loosing sleep in the middle of the night just starts to wear on you. { my older two were NOT this bad of sleepers. They were fully sleeping through the night around 6 months old, but this seems to be my reality with my son. }

4- I am just getting back to normal.

I finally feel like myself again. My brain is functioning (mostly) like it used to. I am finally starting to find a rhythm to his nap time and sleeping schedule. ( not to mention juggling the needs of my 3 and 5 year old) I am getting better and better at not letting the laundry pile up. I am seeing the light at the end of the baby phase and it is oh so wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, some people love the newborn/ baby phase, and although it does have some perks, I wish I could say it was wonderful. But it is just plain hard.

I think as moms, we need to give our own bodies love and grace when it comes to postpartum healing. Everyone “ bounces back” at different rates. The more we talk about it, the more we realize that whatever we are struggling with, even over a year later, is normal. It may not be your experience, but it most certainly has been mine.

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