14 Things I LOVE ABOUT YOU: For My Child

I’ll be the first to admit that I think Valentine’s Day is sometimes overrated, but I

remember being a kid and how much fun it was back then. Making the Valentine’s

“Mailbox” on a white lunch bag was the best! You haven’t lived until you’ve made a

heart man full of accordion folded construction paper legs. What fun memories for

me! I used to save my Valentine’s cards and read them over and over – especially the

ones from my crushes. Somewhere along the way, Valentine’s Day became less

glamorous and mostly a reason to hear people complain. But now that I’m a mom,

it’s turned back into fun having that youthful romanticism!

My daughter loves the heart shape whether it is making it out of her hands, drawing

it on paper or buying heart shaped food. It’s natural that she loves a good party full

of pink soda, candy hearts and the gift card exchange. Now that she’s in middle

school she is sad there aren’t any more room moms and class parties. In an effort to

keep her magic alive, I’ve decided to make her February fun loving and let her keep

joyful heart full of this Cupid’s holiday!

Starting February 1, I put a message on her door for when she wakes up, one

of encouragement for each day until Valentine’s Day. Fourteen hearts (holograph

hearts found in the dollar section at my favorite superstore) with all different

messages of why I think she is awesome touching her spirit!

My focus is on building her self-esteem with the important aspects about her

life as it is now, hoping to start a tradition. This could be adapted for the whole


  1. Focus on her hobby (I think you dance like a graceful angel)

  2. Focus on her cleanliness (I love how you work so hard at keeping your room clean!)

  3. Focus on her love language (I appreciate you put so much thought into the gifts that you pick out for others)

  4. Focus on a weakness that she needs more confidence in to help her feel better about herself (I love that you work so hard at your art projects, I can see how much you love color and that brightens my day!)

  5. Focus on charitable giving (I love that you were so generous with your time at Christmas helping others have a great holiday)

  6. Focus on her style (I love the outfits you put together, they have pizzazz!)

  7. Focus on her willingness to help (I think you are awesome by helping do chores around the house.)

  8. Focus on her efforts in learning (I am so proud of how hard you worked on your science project!)

  9. Focus on her care for our pets (Buddy loves when you spend time feeding him and making sure he always has water.)

  10. Focus on her ability for self care (I think you have really done a great job with your hair every day making sure it is neatly brushed and looking nice!)

  11. Focus on her love for her family (I love watching you with your grandparents making sure they feel loved!)

  12. Focus on her love for her friends (I’m so proud you lead your friends by example making good decisions and always being a good listener.)

  13. Focus on her love for God (I am so happy you have a relationship with God and make that a priority to yourself.)

  14. Focus on our love as Mother/Daughter (I love you all the way to Heaven and back and am so lucky to be your Mommy!)

And if time allows, I’m teaching this kid of mine exactly how to make the perfect heart man with construction paper! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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