5 Doable Steps to A New You in the New Year

New Year's resolutions: we make them, we break them.

Year after year with the best of intentions we attempt to make a big change and we fail. Sorry to say it, I know the truth hurts. Those life changing resolutions sound so awe inspiring as we set out to achieve them, but the problem is they are too lofty to actually achieve.

Even though new year resolutions are rarely the catalysts of life change we hope them to be, challenging ourselves to make changes for the better is an honorable endeavor, so this year I propose we do it a bit differently. Don’t just make a resolution for the new year, make a plan around the new little habits that will actually make that resolution a reality.

Though making a new years habit doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as a resolution, the success rates of new habits makes them worth the change in verbiage. It only takes about 30 days to make a new habit stick! So you don’t even have to do away with your resolution, you can actually just break that resolution down into small goals through the new year: new year habits!

Here are my 5 steps to making yourself a NEW YOU IN THE NEW YEAR:

  1. Write it down! Your resolution and the habits you need to make it happen. You are way more likely to actually do something when you write it down. It sounds simple, but ask any self help book, life coach or psychologist: it works!

  2. Take it one step at a time. Pick out a new habit for every month or every two months. (Check out my plan below for ideas) The new you of the new year isn’t going to be built in a day, but I promise if you take your resolution one little change at a time you will be able to create new routines in your life that stick, its all about creating a “new normal” not a temporary change.

  3. Tell a friend. Maybe you guys have similar goals for the new year. Maybe its someone who sits next to you at work who can support you in your moment of weakness. Maybe its someone who already has the good habits you want to create. Accountability is key. Support groups are part of weightless, recovery and mental health programs because they work. So talk about your new habits with the people around you and create your own support group.

  4. Bundle. Couple something you love to do with something your aren’t so fond of. Hate working out? Make the treadmill your place to binge watch your favorite shows. Hate a certain veggie, but need to eat more greens? Cover those leafs in your favorite sauce to make them more appetizing. My goal last year was getting better at managing our finances and this year I’m working to better manage my time so I got myself a super cute planner so all my “to do’s” and budgeting tools look super cute!

  5. Treat yo' self two thousand and twenty! (and yea, I do sing that to myself every time I reward myself for my hard work.) Change can be hard, so give yourself some props when you make it through a rough day, challenging temptation and of course when you have made that new habit part of your day to day routine. Some rewards are big some are small but pick what you know will make you feel accomplished or pampered for all your hard work.

Some other great ideas for simple daily habits that can help you make the most of your new year:

- Make your bed every morning

- Get your H2O intake up

- Meditate daily

- Log your food/calorie intake (or carbs or macros or whatever you're into)

- Start keeping a journal

- Make time for activity every day ( a short walk, a quick stretch or a full blown gym sesh)

- Pick a family dinner night

- Turn off the technology at meal time

- Take time to share what you are thankful for as a family every day

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