5 Household Hacks

I confess! I'm a hack junkie! If that's even a thing...I could spend hours searching for #lifehacks, camping hacks, you name it! So, I wanted to offer a few of my favorites that I use daily!

1. Diaper Duty

All those plastic grocery bags you have stored inside a plastic grocery bag? (We all do it!) Put them to use! Instead of a diaper genie or costly diaper trash bags, use plastic grocery bags to bag up the extra stinky diapers. Throw a few in your diaper bag too for changes on-the-go or for wet clothes etc!

2. Freshen Up!

After doing a load of laundry, take the used dryer sheets and throw them in the diaper trash or kitchen trash! This will help keep it fresh until hubby gets around to taking it out!

3. Stain Remover

Toddler eats spaghetti. Shirt gets covered. Shirt goes into hamper. Shirt is washed and stains are set in...Just me? I always struggle getting stains straight to the laundry room to get the stain remover on it. I bought a small spray bottle (you could even use a travel spray bottle) and filled it with the stain remover. It lives in our dresser where we change the toddler so I can spray the stains as soon as the shirt comes off!

4. Natural Whitener

I found this winning combination in attempt to resolve nasty white shirt pit stains! Not only does it take out pit stains, it will save ANYTHING white! Bedsheets, porcelain sink, make up stained washcloth, you name it!

Mix baking soda and peroxide to form a paste. Then apply to whatever stain you need to remove! The darker or more set in the stain, the longer you need to leave it, especially fabrics. For example, my porcelain sink only needs the mixture for 30 minutes to be sparkling again! However, my favorite white spaghetti strap needs to have the solution sit over night to get out the pit stains, then thrown directly in the washer!

5. Vinegar

I could write about vinegar all. day. long. There's so many uses I've found for it, but here's just a few of my most commonly used ones!

-Mildewed laundry: If you forgot wet clothes in the car, or even just forgot a load in the washer, add a cup of white vinegar to the wash. If its extra stinky, add two cups of vinegar to the wash, then wash it a second time with normal detergent.

-Stinky water bottle or shaker cup: How do they get so nasty smelling?? Fill the bottle or cup halfway with vinegar, add in a few drops of dish soap and fill with hot water. Let it sit over night before dumping it and throwing it in the dishwasher.

-Lazy Dishwasher: If your dishwasher seems to be slacking on the job, throw in a cup of white vinegar directly into the dishwasher! It helps with any hard water build up and to keep the glass sparkling!

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