5 Mom Approved Saving Hacks

Are you looking to save some additional cash for your family? Here are 5 mom approved saving hacks to help you build up that savings account in no time!

1. Pack all three kids lunches in the morning

I already have to pack my oldest lunch everyday for school, so I just make my two younger kids a lunch as well. Having them pre-made at home in the fridge keeps me from hitting up a drive thru ( *cough *Chick-Fil-A *cough* ).

** Having a lunch box of some sort for each kid helps. Example: Bentgo, PlanetBox, YumBox, anything like that! Each one of my kiddos has one and it makes making their lunches easier, and more fun!

2. Frys / Walmart Pick up

Seriously this not only saves time, but saves us money! I put everything I want into my cart and then I actually go through it all and take out anything that is not actually needed. It prevents so many impulse purchases. Added bonus- No whining kids asking you for ALLL the snacks as you go down each aisle.

3. Bring treats with you when you are going through Starbucks

I love to make my own scones. I pop them in the freezer in bags of two, and grab a pack when I know I will be headed to get some glorious caffeine. That way I only have to buy my drink, but my kids still get a treat. It can even be a bag of suckers if you are not inclined to bake anything. Obviously, when we are in serious money saving mode, I am trying to avoid spending any money at Starbucks… but we all know you cannot just take all liquid sanity from a momma of three little ones!

4. Always keep some easy dinner options on hand

Make a few freezer crockpot meals and you can pull those out when you are in a pinch and can’t get to the grocery store. A few other spur-of-the-moment dinner options are… Breakfast for dinner, any of the freezer meals from Trader Joes (seriously, they are all so good), pasta and prego sauce (and if you are like me, stock frozen meatballs as well), or my husbands favorite….. hot dogs and a can of beans… seriously, dinner does not have to be a big ordeal, some nights cereal and milk is okay, especially if it keeps you from going out to eat.

5. Know where every dollar goes

This one is so crucial, yet so difficult. Do you know how much money you spent at restaurants last month? I do. Do you know how much you spent at Starbucks last month? I do. Do you know how much you spent on clothing for yourself/ your kids last month? I do. What about how much you spent on groceries? I do. I am still working on getting the hang of not only budgeting, but saving our family money. The first step to that is at least knowing how much you spend. Then you can start to work on whatever your spending goals may be.

I am always trying to work on reigning in our budget. Tell me, what are your mom hacks?!

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