6 Apps For A More Organized #momlife

Technology isn't going anywhere so might as well make it work for you and your family!

Below are some of my favorite apps that help eliminate or alleviate some of those small, tedious tasks that always seem to be weighing down my to do list.


Email inboxes can get out of control. Everything we do now requires using your email. Have you ever paid attention to how many emails you receive before 9am each day? Of all the emails you receive each day how many are you actually opening?

My newest obsession is using this app to rid my inbox of unwanted subscriptions every few weeks . Connect multiple inboxes and go through their Tinder like swipe right or left system to unsubscribe or keep. Simple!


Let’s be real we have to “login” to everything now! I even have a special online account to make dental appointments. With everything moms have to remember already, how in the world can we keep track of every username and password for every online account we’ve ever created? We can’t, its simply not possible…enter LastPass.

Add the LastPass extension to your browser and it will automatically ask if you’d like to save the log in credentials as you log in or create accounts. LastPass will auto populate those credentials every time you go to login. One less thing for our busy mom brains to remember!

Genius Scan

My quick solution app for all those paper documents that need signed but electronically filed or sent back. I even use this app to “scan” all our physical tax documents to send to our accountant via email as one pdf. You simply take a picture of anything you want to “scan” within the app and it will save as a pdf. Take multiple pictures back to back to combine everything into one document. You can even email or text the “scans” right from the app.


Ever found an interesting article or blog post but didn’t have time to read it and when you finally have the time you can’t remember where you saw it? Used to happen to me often but not anymore thanks to Pocket app and browser extension. Bookmark articles or site links to Pocket from anywhere online, then go back to it anytime from either desktop or phone.

Marco Polo

Record videos right inside the app and it automatically sends to which ever contact you choose. Your best friend, family members, anyone who has the app. You can even create a group video chat with multiple people.

I find this video chat app is great for communicating with family long distance. Kids love making videos and receiving video responses. When nailing down family Facetime dates becomes difficult to schedule this app can help keep you communicating but everyone’s convenience.


I love every piece of artwork and award that comes home from school but I love keeping my closets and drawers organized and uncluttered too. Keepy is the perfect compromise!

Snap pictures and video of each memorable item that comes home, save to Keepy and be able to cherish it forever! You can even record a video narration by your kids to keep forever and share it with anyone in your contact list so grandma and grandpa get to cherish it too!

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