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7 Things To Look For in a Good Kindergarten

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

For many students, kindergarten is a child’s first formal experience with education. With so many choices these days, parents feel overwhelmed choosing a kindergarten. Research shows that there are some general methods that work best for the large majority of five and six year olds. (You can see research here).

Are you starting your search for the perfect school for your kiddo? We are here to help!

Here are 7 things to look for in a good kindergarten:

  1. Children should be using hands-on materials and working with other children.

  2. Students have access to all sorts of materials throughout the day.

  3. The teacher works with the whole group, small groups and individual students.

  4. Students and parents look forward to school.

  5. Curriculum is adapted to those students who are ready to move ahead as well as to those who need extra help.

  6. Children have opportunities every day to play outside if weather permits. This time is never sacrificed for more instructional time.

  7. Children have periods of time to play.

A huge thank you to Chaparral Community School for providing us with the kindergarten tips above! Chaparral Community School is strong in all of the above areas and has a small student to teacher ratio as well. If you are curious about their Kindergarten and the rest of the school, please contact them! They do have some scholarships available still and can tell you how to generate more scholarship money for your own child. Click here to visit the website and learn more!

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