8 Unique Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

For those looking to mix it up this Valentines' day, here is a list of unique gifts and activities you can share with your special one, entire family and/or friends! (BONUS: I found coupon codes for most too.)

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1. Combine The Flowers & Card

This year give a card that will eventually give flowers. Seed paper is becoming more popular as people become more eco-conscious. Take it a step further and gift the card in a small planter or pot!


2. Roses That Last 

For those that do love to give or receive roses on Valentine's day consider roses that last up to a year! They even come in a variety of colors!

https://www.facebook.com/loveboxAZ or https://azelly.com/ (local!)

3. Get Crafty Together

Try something a little more...intimate. This Love Is Art Kit will have you loving and laughing! Where that beautiful painting on the wall all your guests compliment came from, will be your little secret!


4. Create Couple Coupons 

From household chores to behind closed doors activities, you can customize coupons for your someone special. 

https://lovecoups.com or get crafty and make your own

5. Give The Gift Of Date Night Any Night

With this customizable, monthly box you can enjoy date night from home! BONUS! No need to pay a babysitter! Right now you can get 20% off your first box with code BEMINE!


6. Give Him/Her The Stars

Whether it's the day you met, said I do or your first kiss, capture the exact night sky from that day and put it on the wall to gaze on everyday! 


7. Feeling Adventurous?

Make a day trip to Flagstaff and challenge yourself at Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course! BONUS! They have a kids course so you can make this a family experience too!


8. Get A Couple Reading

Scheduling a romance reading with Bob The Psychic! $20 off a reading in February with code 2018VDay.


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