A New Tool for the Germaphobe Mom

Any germaphobe moms out there? I can’t be alone on this one. Our kids get into the dirtiest things, and I walk around with wet wipes and antibacterial spray to try to avoid those germs getting into my kids mouth (but let’s be honest, toddlers hands are ALWAYS in there mouth!) I am constantly trying to look for new tools and products to reduce the amount of germs and nastiness from entering my house, and that is when I as introduced to the Lid-L-Buddy.

Lid-L-Buddy allows you to throw away a trash bag without ever touching the lid. It also gives you the option to prop your lid open to easily throw away smaller items (which is a great feature for kids!) Do you have older kids that need to take on more chores? The Lid-L-Buddy will help them get that trash out, cleaner, without touching the can at all! Does your trash smell when you lift the lid? (All those diapers!) Then can you imagine what germs are in there that go along with that smell? If you really want to know how nasty your trash can is, Just Google "garbage truck hopper video" or "bioaerosol waste collection" to see. You will be so grossed out; it’s not even funny!

I have to say, I was a bit skeptical about this product when I was introduced to it, but now that I use it, I just can’t see myself taking the trash out without it! I have also had several friends ask about it, and want to purchase one as well. Sure, its another step, but I would rather use it to avoid the germs, and also to help alleviate the smell in my can by cracking it open with the Lid-L-Buddy.

Want to try it? We are giving one away! Tag your germaphobe friends on the Instagram or Facebook post and we will select one lucky winner to get one, and try it out! I promise, it will take your trash experience to a whole new level—which is what #adulting is all about, right?

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