Birthday Adventures of Graham & Ellie

January marks a month of birthday parties for the oldest kiddos of the Desert Moms duo. As working mamas, we wanted to plan a fun and exciting party, but without the hassle of buying all the activities, creating the agenda, and really handling the clean up (no one likes that part of a party and really, who has time for that?!). We searched the valley for fun, creative, and exciting things to do at birthday parties for kids, and we landed on two of the best. We are sharing these incredible companies with you (and you can thank us later for getting the coolest mom of the year award from your kids).

This year, Graham (Michelle's Son) turned six and had just two party dreams: (1) have a magician perform and (2) invite all of his classmates and all his "friends in the whole wide world," which ended up being about 40. Christopher the Magician put on a magical birthday for the kids and parents alike. He made the party a breeze as he brought all the entertainment and set up in less than 10 minutes, outside on a chilly, breezy day mind you. The kids (of all ages) were at attention the entire 60 minute show! Christopher only does kids' events so knows age appropriate humor and all the "tricks" to keeping them engaged and all smiles. He even brought a live bunny and let all the kids take a turn petting it. It doesn't get much cooler than Christopher for a group of kindergartners.

Ellie (Ashley's Daughter) in typical girlie fashion, wanted a "My Little Pony" party with all of her favorite colors...which is the rainbow! We had over 30 kids attending, and I was stumped on what activities we could provide for that many kids that took the parents out of the equation, so they could enjoy the party too..until I found Masterpiece Art Parties & Playdates! Heather (the owner) was incredible. She brought Ellie's party dreams to life by bringing 3 fun and exciting rainbow theme crafts to the party, including the tables, supplies, and even bags for the kids to put the new crafts in to go home with. The kids made rainbow rainmakers, and wind chimes and they turned out adorable! She helped the kids with the crafts, cleaned up the mess, and left the space cleaner than when she got there. It was a parents DREAM too.

If you are planning a birthday adventure for your kiddo be sure to check out these amazing and local companies to provide the entertainment. They will not disappoint!

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