Birthday Party Tips for Kids with Food Allergies

Throwing a birthday party for your child is incredibly exciting and fun. It’s so rewarding to see how happy your child is and the good time that all the other kids and parents are having. I’ve thrown a lot and caring for all the little details from the cake to the decorations to the matching straws is right up my alley.

But what happens when one of the kids or parents there feels excluded? The anxiety they feel looking at the beautiful spread of food and sweets, not wanting to interrupt your day by asking all of the details of the ingredients to see if there’s anything that’s safe. They may not eat. They may bring their own food with them. They may take the risk and try to guess.

There are ways you can help, and it starts with the invitation. Go ahead and ask, right alongside the RSVP request, if anyone has any allergies. Just by opening up the door for those parents to share their concerns and restrictions with you, you’re going to make them feel incredibly welcome, comfortable and cared for.

RSVP to Shandee by June 1

Let me know about any allergies, please!

When you’re having those conversations, remember people can be allergic to any food (there’s over 170!), so be gentle in your reactions. I’m allergic to pork – I’ve gotten every reaction under the sun and some of them are kinder than others. No, we aren’t making it up.

Once you have the list of restricted foods for your entire guest list, you can take that into account for sure-to-be-delightful spread. You don’t have to eliminate all of those foods from everything you serve, but you can be aware of which things are safe for which people. Little cards out in front of dishes outlining which of the allergens are in there is enough. That way you’re not calling out particular people, just labeling the things on the restricted list. These labels can be super cute and add a sweet detail to your party.

Potato Salad

Contains: Pork

The most important food at any birthday party is the cake! If you’re buying from a bakery, let them know about the allergies in your group. To accommodate as many people as you can, you may consider doing cake surrounded by cupcakes or cookies. Maybe the cake is nut safe. Maybe the cupcakes are gluten free. It all depends on what allergies your guests have! If there’s someone you can’t accommodate for cake time, make sure to let those parents know so that they can bring their own sweet treats.

Follow these tips to make sure all your guests are in a festive mood on party day!

Thank you, CertiStar for providing these valuable tips to bring awareness to food allergies!

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