Brother Is Off To Kindergarten

There will be a lot of bloggers writing about the mixed feelings that surround sending their “babies” off to kindergarten, trust me I can relate. However, for me it was Pre-K that gave me those cry in the parking lot emotions. This year as we send my oldest off to kinder, it’s my three year old that will be having the meltdown. You see, they are inseparable, they are best friends. Even though they fight… they play… they fight… they play, the bottom line is they have never been apart for THAT LONG.

I first noticed the separation anxiety when we would drop my oldest, Hunter, for Pre K, as soon as we got home I was asked, “When are we going to pick him up?” It broke my heart. I would like to say it passed after we got into a routine, but he truly missed Hunter and asked about him every single day he was at school. I would make a point to fill those few hours (we are only talking three and a half) of just Duke and mommy time because sadly, never in his life he had that. I’m not saying the second born gets the short end of the stick, it’s just he has been dragged to all his brothers activities and never really had a WHOLE day just about him or WITHOUT his brother.

So, that is what this year will be, Duke and mommy time. A FULL day where I can do all the things I used to do with my oldest. Duke will make his own friends and find his own strengths. I know those first few weeks of kinder are going to be rough. Duke will ask where Hunter is and of course add a follow up of “why” because that’s what toddlers do. I will fill the days of classes, sports, playdates, and of course the library and before we know it, pick up time will be here and all will be right in Duke's world again.

So, as school starts and we all read all the first day of school blogs, let’s remember the little siblings, who right alongside the mamas are also having a hard time learning to adjust to change.

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