Coffee at the Crack of Dawn

It’s 5:38 am. I have my coffee in hand, my doggy by my side, and I’m outside sitting by the pool listening to the world wakeup. The desert morning is cool, calm and yet teeming with life, joy and color. The birds sing their welcome to another glorious day; the bougainvillea are so gorgeously pink it makes me smile. My babies are snuggled up in the house fast asleep. Pretty soon my hubby will come through the door with my second cup of coffee, and we’ll sit and soak up the morning together. Life is beautiful and good.

My coffee time at the ass crack of dawn is my favorite time of day. It’s my time. There are days this is the only quiet time I get, the only peace I can find in a house with four kids. Sometimes it’s the only time I sit still long enough to really be present and hear the birds, and see the flowers, and soak up the day’s beauty.

Doing my morning coffee by the pool is my time; it’s time for me to be present to myself. It’s my time to check in with me; to be consciously present and connect with myself. I’m a much happier person, a better wife and mom, when I am consciously aware of my needs, and I make sure they’re met.

We make conscious efforts every day to connect to our spouses and children; but do we connect to ourselves? We make sure that everybody’s to-do list gets done, but sometimes we forget to do us.

As moms, we put ourselves last a lot.

That sacrificial love is beautiful and pure; it blesses our children, husbands and family life. This is the pure love that drives us to be the best mamas, wives, sisters and friends that we can be. It motivates us to start businesses, run the PTO, and make the world a better place for our babies, but sometimes we can start moving so fast that we are left empty, grumpy, stressed, hangry and exhausted by our daily life.

My morning quiet time is a time of reflection, praise, and planning for me. It’s my calm before the busy storm of the day. I’m able to stop and be still. I’m able to feel life exactly as it is. What do I need? What do I want? These are important questions to know the answers to. For a long time, I didn’t really know what I wanted and needed, but you better believe, I always had a list a mile long of my kiddo’s and hubby’s wants and needs.


Find your calm and space for you; find that time to just be. Consciously check in with yourself. What do you want from your day? What do you need today? What are you feeling?

My answer is always different. Some days I’m feeling disconnected from one of my boys, so I schedule time in my day to reconnect over fro-yo or scrabble. Sometimes I need more QT with my husband, so I hit the grocery store for steaks and a bottle of wine and plan a late dinner for us after the kids are in bed. Some days I feel fat and ugly so my gym time and beauty routine becomes top priority. Some days I start the day physically and emotionally exhausted from all the bull shit of life; those are days when I am intentional about creating my peace and caring for me. Some days, I just need space to breathe.

Make time to connect with yourself.

What do you want from your day? What do you need? Acknowledge it. Make it happen.

What do you want tomorrow to look like? Do you want a better marriage? Make your hubby your top priority of today. Love that man up. Do you want to be thinner and feel sexy? Get your butt to the gym and feed yourself heathy foods, not too much and not too little. Hit Victoria’s Secret for some new bras and thongs. Do you want to be happier? Start counting your blessings and thanking everyone. Smile. Do you need change? Make it happen.

I love starting my day with a little space and time for myself. Being conscious of what I need has made me intentional about how I spend my time, and it’s made me happier in my day to day life.

We are the mamas. We are the hearts of our home. We are the soft, feminine love that offers safety and security to our men and children. We are creators…creators of little people, good food, fun, joy, peace, order and home. Intentionally create your day! Make it crazy good and beautiful. We are caregivers and nurturers of all the people we love. Be conscious in caring for yourself and meeting your needs. Place your needs and wants on the to-do list today…cuz if mama isn’t happy, nobody is happy.

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