Date Night Part 2

Society's idea that date nights have to be this elaborate event were money is spent doing lavish things and then posting about it on Social Media isn't that real. Planning and stressing to make all your date nights picture perfect doesn’t always lead to a more intimate, fulfilled marriage at all. Quality time with your spouse isn’t about the fulfillment you get from everyone else, but rather from the man or woman in front of you.

PC: Memories Made Photography by Shae

Here are eight more SIMPLE at home date night ideas to keep the sparks flying (See my other list of 7 more ideas here.

  1. S’mores night or marshmallow night by the bonfire or fireplace. If neither of those apply you can make s'mores in the oven! Being outside in the quiet at night always leads to some fun conversations.

  2. Take a walk and hold hands (I can remember watching my parents who have been married 55 years do this all the time, guess they thought I was sleeping J) if your kids are sleeping walk up and down your street with the monitor. You don’t have to go far to make this effective

  3. Meditation night. This can be guided, musical or just quiet deep breathing. (Check out YouTube in advance to find videos on any of the meditations that you like) Go into a quiet, dark room; use a yoga mat, towel or carpet area to lie on. Start your practice together holding hands.

  4. DIY night- Find something to make/build/restore together

  5. Social Media travel back in time- share with your spouse your old elementary school friends, childhood friends, coaches, people who made an impact on your life

  6. YouTube date night- search funny videos and have a night of laughter!

  7. Play cards or a board game (Jenga or Scrabble are fun ones)

  8. Weekly Review (Usually Sunday night) – Go over the week ahead and the calendar. A fun drink, tea, and fruit with whip crème can be added!

I recommend taking the time to get to know what your partner really needs and wants out of date nights and time together. Even those that need the get out of the house kind of date night, these stay at home date night ideas can still be fun if something comes up and you can’t make it out of the house. Doesn’t mean date night is cancelled!

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