Decluttering this Spring: 4 Easy Tips to Sell Your Old Stuff Quickly and Get the Most Money.

Minimalism is the new black. You’re shedding literal tons of stuff you don’t want or need anymore. There's a mountain of things in your "donate pile" that stopped #sparkingjoy, that your family has outgrown, or that you just don’t use anymore.

Some of it is still in good condition, have you considered selling it? It’s easier than you think!

Here are 4 tips to sell quickly and get the most money out of your items when selling them online…

My favorite platform is Facebook Marketplace. Why? It’s free to list, there are thousands of people in your immediate area who are on facebook right now, and they want to come pick up your junk (read: no shipping necessary!). However, these tips can be applied to any platform of your choice…

1. Make your items presentable.

Is it clothing? Iron it!

Is it a kitchen gadget? Get the grime off the buttons.

Is it an old armchair? Vacuum it.

Whatever you're selling, clean it well and make it look as nice as possible.

2. Take good clear, pictures.

In my humble opinion, blurry and unclear photos make sellers look sketchy. Are they hiding something by not giving me a clear image of what I'm looking at? Did they find this photo somewhere on the internet? Who knows? I don't want to find out.

Here’s what I do:

  • For smaller items, I'll drape a white blanket or plain sheet over the side of the kitchen table to create a simple backdrop for my photos. For larger items like furniture, I clean up my space really well and stage the item in the room like I’m selling my house.

  • To get the clearest photo possible, I'll open all the blinds to get good lighting (avoid direct sunlight, because you'll get awful, harsh shadows!), and I'll wipe my phone’s camera clean (no toddler fingerprints allowed!).

  • Then I'll take photos of all sides of the item, making sure each photo is focused properly and taken straight on.

  • Finally, I will always take close ups of any imperfections, name brand labels, and of the item's information label (specifically if it’s an appliance of some sort).

3. List it honestly. Price it fairly.

Keeping in mind the original value, the current condition its in, and the market's demand for the item, ask yourself, “What would I pay for this right now, as it is?” and price it accordingly.

(I don’t usually play the haggling game, so I always list it at the lowest price I’ll go and state that my price is firm. My husband likes to price his listings a little higher than he expects them to sell to give people the chance to negotiate. Both ways work well for us, and both have their pros and cons.)

Here's a quick checklist to follow when creating your listing:

  • Make an eye-catching title: Known Brand, Style, Item (i.e. West Elm Lift-Top Coffee Table)

  • Add all of your photos to the listing, starting with the staged one. Then show the different angles, then imperfections, then the brand (label or tag), then the information label (if applicable). Sometimes I'll include a screenshot of the retail listing on its original website.

  • Write a detailed description of the item:

-Item brand, style, color, size, etc.

-When you bought it (if you can remember)

-Imperfections (corresponding with photos)

-What you loved about the item and why you’re giving it up

(not necessary, but it helps give you credibility!)

4. Respond to all inquiries ASAP!

Responding quickly is important for two reasons:

  1. Your buyer might be inquiring with multiple people about the same item you're selling. If you want them to buy your stroller (or blender, or couch, or whatever), you'll want to act fast.

  2. Your honesty, timeliness, and friendliness is what builds credibility. Anyone who interacts with you can leave a review that will tell any future prospective buyers how trustworthy you are.

That's it! Happy selling!

Do you have any other tips to add from your online-selling experiences?

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