Diaper Bag Packing 101

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

If you have been mom for a while, you can probably recite these essentials in your sleep. But for new moms and mom-to-be, it’s often foreign territory and there is nothing worse than being out on an adventure and unprepared with a tiny little one.

We’ve put together a go-to list of basic diaper bag must-haves:

Diapers: The algorithm is one diaper for every two hours you’re out…and then add a few extra, just to be safe.

Wipes: You can never have too many. These jack-of-all trade essentials clean much more than bums! Wipes clean spills, spit up, faces, glasses, hands…you name it!

Diaper cream: That adorable tush can go from perfect to cherry red in an instant. Save space with travel-sized tubes.

Changing mat: Most new diaper bags even come with them. You will want a barrier between your sweet babe and those often-icky public changing stations!

Burp cloths: Again, put in as many as you think you’ll need, then add a few more. You won’t regret it.

Light-weight blanket: Even in the heat of summer, it’s always good to have an extra one on hand. They double as a changing mat and triple as a sun shield spread over the carrier.

Bottles and formula (if you’re not breastfeeding): If you’re mixing formula, also include a bottle of water so you can simply shake and go when you’re ready to feed. Since things can quickly turn ugly when baby is hungry, it helps to premeasure both the water and formula so that no extra thinking or time is required. Keep the bottle nipples in the same bag as the pacifiers.

Pacifiers: If you are using them, you will want one, and maybe another where you can grab in an instant.

Change of clothes ...or two: Throw in a couple extra pairs of socks, too. They will mysteriously disappear with frequency, we promise.

Hat: Whether you have a summer or winter baby, you’ll need it to block out the fierce AZ sun.

Wet bag: Use this for dirty diapers (if they’re cloth, or you’re not near a trash can in time of need) and/or clothing. These also work for used pacifiers and nipples.

Important numbers, cash/card, phone, and keys: Running on empty, it’s easy to forget all these necessities. Keep these extras in an accessible pocket!

Other extras (if you still have room in that bag)

Extra shirt for yourself: It’s easier than you’d imagine to find yourself covered in spit up or other colorful liquids.

Nursing cover: Lots of moms like these when they’ll be breastfeeding in public. A blanket can do the trick too.

Nursing and vaginal pads: For you, not baby. These are especially essential in the first few weeks when your liquid output is still pretty high.

Toys: If there’s anything that keeps baby entertained, throw it in. You probably won’t need much during the first 30 days, though.

Seasoned moms: are we missing anything?


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