Easy Theme Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other

I’m always looking for the perfect gift for Christmas and it keeps getting harder and harder to find something for someone other than a gift card, especially my significant other. I go to the store and leave empty handed, does that sound familiar?

My boyfriend came up with an amazing Christmas gift one year, making it a bit more difficult on my end for reciprocal gift giving! His most creative one is one I’m going to share because it could as easily be swapped out and used on a husband or a kiddo. It was one that melted my heart. He bought a beautiful jar (you could go to Hobby Lobby, use a 40% off coupon and find an ornate beautiful jar) and then the rest was literally free, just took some time and energy. He wrote 365 reasons he loved me. My gift that same year was pretty lame. Fun socks. Might be a great gift but paled in comparison to his thoughtful gift, which took obviously more time than mine. #Girlfriendfail that year and I’m pretty sure he didn’t have gift giving as what he loves about me on any slips of paper in that jar, so time to ramp up the game.

The next year I took to Pinterest for hours of research (maybe 10 minutes in reality, but as with anyone on Pinterest you easily get derailed to fifteen recipes, how to make the best party yet for your kid and the latest fashion trends).

I decided to do the 12 Dates of Christmas – one for each month. It was awesome and he loved it!

Here’s what I did since I couldn’t obviously afford everything at one time and tickets weren’t available for a year out on some things:

  1. Bought tickets and gift cards for January, February and March

  2. For April – December I made fake gift certificates with the dates

  3. Each date went in an envelope which I decorated with scrapbooking stickers to indicate the month

  4. Put all of the envelopes into a box-only let him open January now!

  5. Decorated the box with photos from our past and a little mod podge on top of the photos to preserve them.

  6. Put a bow on the box

This year my idea isn’t quite as complex, but I’m taking to the 5 senses. A gift for each sense! Here are a few of the ideas:

Theme: Life with you makes perfect sense!

  • Taste: The taste of love is so sweet with a life like ours. Favorite sweet treat, restaurant gift certificate, homemade goodies.

  • Smell: The best smell is love in the air. Candle, aromatherapy gift, cologne, bath gel.

  • Touch: Of all the things my hands have held, the best is yours! Gloves, hand cream, silky jammies.

  • Sight: Love isn’t always at first sight, sometimes every sight. Play tickets, framed photos, binoculars, camera.

  • Sound: Your Voice Is My Favorite Sound. Concert tickets, Bluetooth record player, new CD, iTunes gift cards.

What I love about the 5 senses gift is I can take that idea and expand it to my daughter, my friends, my parents and even make it adjustable based on my budget!

Next year, I’ll even have to do something bigger and better but I have over 365 days to get started, time to put a bow on this year and call it a wrap!

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