Electronic Free Spring Break

Say whattttt?!?!?! No electronics. NONE. Not one single one will be used in our house over Spring Break... Why? Because my children are better children when they have detoxed from electronics.

My husband and I decided over Winter Break to cut out Electronics for four days, and here is what happened........... wait for it...... we survived, in fact, we THRIVED. It was such an awesome four days. We loved it. To the point where my husband has already asked multiple times when we can do it again.

I get it, it is HARD. Our kids have so much technology around them, and they use it. We have everything from television, Ipads, phones, and game consoles. Our biggest technology use is television. I would like to say they do not watch it that much, but if I were honest, it is probably more than I would like to admit.

Here are a five tips that helped us with our days of no technology:

1- Set expectations

We sat our girls down and told them what we are going to do. In fact, we gave them two days notice. We wanted them to know what was coming. It was not a punishment, just a family decision. It also helps them not ask you 500 million times if they can watch a tv show.

2- Change YOUR Mindset

My husband and I got through the first day and we both had the same realization, it was more about a shift in our minds, than in the kids. It made me realize how much my mindset really does steer the temperature of our house. If it was not an option in my mind, it was easy to jump to the "next" thing. I could preemptively start them on an activity so we would not start to feel the void of electronics.

3- Make a list

Either literally or mentally, make a list of all of the activities you can do INSTEAD of electronics. Do not share it with the kids unless you are willing to do all of them... But keep them in your back pocket, so you can be prepared. Some ideas... play outside! bubbles, chalk, bike ride, family walk/hike, board games, card games, play doh, dance party, legos, make a fort, balloon games, glow stick bath, sensory bins, etc.. When we would get to a " staple" time in which we always watch a tv show ( like right after lunch, or while I am making dinner) You set up an activity that they can play with so you can supervise while getting laundry or something else done.

4- Rest time

Rest time, alone time, down time, nap.. whatever you call it... DO it. my older girls do not nap anymore, but when their little brother is napping, I make them have " rest time." Which is code for they can play in their bedroom, but they cannot come out until the timer goes off. Legitimately set a real timer in their room so they know when they can come out.

5- Breathe!

It is NOT easy, but it is worth it.

I dare you to try a few days with no technology. Even if it is just one. Focus on those little faces right in front of you before they are gone. Remember, you only have 18 spring breaks with your children before they go off to college! Make them count.

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