Everyone has a last day of something

Everyone has a last day of something, whether it is a last day of school, a last day of a job, a last day before you get married or a last day of our life. Some take this last day as the beginning of something new and exciting and some take this day as a day of celebrating something awesome. Some take this day as a day of sadness and grief or fear.

The last day of school most kids come out of school screaming and yelling “school’s out for the summer” and everyone is relieved from the teachers who have dealt with rowdy kids for the last two weeks to parents who have literally likely grown weary from making new and fun lunches every day to just throwing in a PB&J sandwich. But really what we should realize is that the last day of school is to celebrate an accomplishment of a job well done. We’ve all braved the school year and learned how to be a better student; administrator, parent or teacher and we’ve all grown a bit. Good job, we made it to the next school year now time to celebrate with a bit of vacation, popsicles and sleeping in.

The last day of being single is not necessarily an accomplishment, usually the payoff of living a great life of being single is the celebration of getting married and living blissfully happily ever after (hopefully) with the person who you found to share your journey with for years ahead. But maybe just celebrating a life well-lived on your own, being independent from your parents and not screwing yourself up so much that there is someone who still finds you adorable enough to marry. Good job to paying the bills, staying out of jail and making the magic happen on your own while you find your two feet before sharing the ride.

It’s the in between when we are first given life to the last day of our own that must be celebrated.

I am an avid lover of listening to Rachel Hollis and Brene Brown, but girl, I’ve washed my face and I’ve been vulnerable and I’m still in the same darn place I was before I listened to these words trying to set my heart on fire and left feeling like I didn’t accomplish much.

But maybe for some of us, living a life of raising your kids and having a job and watching your children mature into good adults is enough?

I don’t truly need to change the world; I just need to make the world changed for my people. I just need to wake up, make sure we have a happy day and make sure that my kid stays off drugs, doesn’t commit suicide, learns how to protect herself from potential shooters, doesn’t get a sexually transmitted disease, goes to college or selects a trade, has self worth, doesn’t get an eating disorder, has good skin, doesn’t have a poor self image, gets an education and doesn’t text while driving. I need to make sure my kiddo doesn’t get bullied or shamed publicly on social media, or just as importantly isn’t the one doing the shaming. I need to parent my daughter all the while trying to keep her from stressing out and making sure she leads a good, happy life with minimal stress and more importantly ensure she doesn’t feel she’s entitled to things to the level of becoming a productive, contributing member of society. That’s what lights my heart on fire, watching her grow and watching her be amazing and maybe she will go conquer the world, or maybe she will gladly live her life happy and free from the pressure we put on ourselves to accomplish more, live big, make a million dollars, develop the newest (insert whatever here) and just BE. BE HAPPY, BE LOVED, BE A MOM. It’s ok to just BE.

Moms, it’s ok to just BE some days. It’s ok to turn off the self-help podcast and just realize life is short, it is fleeting and it is ok to not change and inspire the whole world. It’s ok to just embrace the stretch marks, the small wrinkles from lack of sleep and the Netflix binge watching. Furthermore, it’s ok to feel like some days you just got by and you didn’t feel joy with every single thing in your house. Keep it; maybe tomorrow you’ll have that joy in your heart again.

So when I get to my last day some day, I am confident I will look back and feel the accomplishment in my life just by knowing I had a heart on fire for my daughter’s life and that at the end of that very last day with my last breath she lived a loved life. That’s the best last day I know I can ever have.

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