Fight the Discontentment Monster This Holiday Season

It’s amazing how quickly and easily discontentment creeps in, even when you are having the time of your life and feel so much joy. This world is filled with quick fix solutions, running from your unhappiness, trying all the new fads, ideas, fashions and designs in hopes that these will fulfill our hearts and bring us ultimate happiness.

But it's no secret, this facade is far from happiness. This is discontentment with the beautiful life God has entrusted us with. We are all guilty, myself included. No matter where you live or what you do you're not immune to it.

At one point, the woman I started to see in the mirror wasn’t the one I wanted to be, those thoughts of discontentment were taking over and I was loosing site of Gods purpose. But I refuse to settle that this is how I am going to think or see my kids think. In my heart and gut, it just doesn't feel right. So I found the answer: A THANKFUL HEART.

The cure to discontentment is a THANKFUL HEART.

Stop the ugly discontentment monster from creeping in with these quick tips!

  1. Wake up and write a gratitude list or at dinner make a family gratitude list for all the things throughout the day you were grateful for.

  2. Look for lovely throughout your day. See things, feel things, go out of your way to make someone smile.

  3. Picture a crossing guard holding a “STOP” sign up in your face. Forcing you to pause and realize when your on a dangerous path and you need to re-direct your thoughts.

  4. STOP focusing on what I DON’T have instead look at all that I DO have.

  5. STOP taking other peoples ideas and opinions as GOLD. Let them do THEM and you do YOU. What works for them isn’t always going to work for you.

  6. Pray for those people or things that take your eyes off of God and the true meaning of life.

  7. AND finally, train your kiddos to think this way. I heard these simple questions rehearsed at a conference on how to redirect our children when they have (many) moments of discontentment and wanting more. Daughter: “ I wish I had the new Disney Lego Set.” Parent: “ What are your three most favorite sets that you have right now?” Son: “All my friends are going to Disney. I wish we could go to Disney.” Parent: “What are some of the most fun things you have ever gotten to do?”

We need to practice training our brain and teaching our children these life long skills to the land of CONTENTMENT, where your happy with what you have because when you really take the time to think about it we have so much to be happy and THANKFUL for. Each of our lives is wonderfully and beautifully made. Let’s step into this new season with THANKFUL HEARTS.

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