Finally Some Type of Answer

When I wrote my October blog post, it was about my second miscarriage. Both miscarriages happened at 8 weeks, each time we had heard the heartbeat. To me, something felt off.

My husband and I went back and fourth with if we should do fertility testing or not. We had been trying for baby number two for a year, which felt like forever, especially with two losses. 

We set our appointment to get all the testing done.

The Dr we saw said he would do all the tests. I didn’t know if I would feel better to have an answer or just an “it’s just not your time, nothing is wrong.” 

The review meeting with the Dr was pretty nerve wracking. He mentioned that my husband was great, and had no issues. But when it came to me, it was a different story. He said I had TWO copies of the genetic mutation called MTHFR. I have two copies of the C677T. To most people, you will have no idea what this means… but basically what it means is my body doesn’t process synthetic vitamins, one specific, folic acid. Folic acid is in a LOT of things. Everyone knows trying to have a baby you need folic acid, but your body detoxifies the folic acid into methyl folate. Well, apparently not me. I also have a blood clotting disorder, which is low protein s. All of this together is bad news if you don’t know you have it. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever have another kid, but it does mean some things have to change. 

Leaving the appointment I wanted to google everything. I found a LOT of things. One thing stood out.. late term miscarriages, still births and birth defects such as tubal defects and spina bifida. WOW, how did we get so lucky with Brayden. Looking back at how he entered the world, I would be curious to go back and check the placenta and the umbilical cord to see if there was a clot. Long story short, we were whisked away in an ambulance from our Dr. office because his heart rate was dropping and I couldn’t feel anything! God is good, that is all I have to say about that. 

I want people to know that finding this out, was a blessing. The things this can lead to later in my life I can now change things I am doing to better my health and let me body process things correctly. Also, it can help me parents. Someone had to of given it to me, which they are being tested for the mutation. Depending on which copy you have, it can lead to heart disease, and several other complicated issues, even cancer. Mine just happen to come out in fertility. 

Moving forward, I am more aware of the things in my foods and have switched ALL vitamins to take out folic acid. Someone with MTHFR, the folic acid is basically poison. I need a methylated folate so that my body can use it properly. Since I have the double copy, my body stores 90% of synthetic things, verses detoxifying properly. It is only working at 10%. If you look at MOST processed foods, folic acid is in several things. I am gluten/dairy free, and have been for a long time. Which goes back to my body not processing things properly, which I found that out almost six years ago. 

I am not a doctor but learning about this genetic mutation has opened up my eyes to a lot of things. Knowing this and knowing that certain medications etc can harm me… cause strokes etc, I am truly blessed we did all of this. I believe everyone who is going to start a family should do genetic testing… this would help save a lot of lives, babies lives and complications with pregnancy, (just my opinion). The MTHFR is a relatively new discovery for doctors to test for, so they are still learning about what is best for someone with this. 

Knowing these details has helped ease my mind a little with trying to grow our family. But it has also shed light on the future for my family. My mom, dad and siblings too. I hope anyone struggling with infertility can learn something from this… not that they need to necessarily get checked for MTHFR, but that if you have a feeling that something is not right, do something about it. I am so happy I did the testing, and it could save my life and or my future double rainbow baby's life. 

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