Finding Order in the Midst of Chaos

I am not going to write this and tell you to calm down. What I will tell you is that you’re not alone. I know it feels that way.

Motherhood was hard enough. Each day felt like a battle already, waging a war between your expectations, culture's expectations and reality. Then this.

Motherhood was isolating enough. Then this.

Getting groceries while wrangling kids, making dinner during the “witching hour,” the bedtime battle. It was already challenging enough. Then this.

Mama, you are not alone. Sister, you are not in this by yourself. Even though you’re being told to stay put, by yourself and control this circus, you are not doing it alone.

Reach out. Tell someone else that you're scared, worried, having panic attacks and frightened. Be vulnerable and allow them to do the same.

Get out. Go for a walk, go for a hike, go in the backyard. Wherever you can, however you can, get fresh air, seek the sunshine. Recharge, breathe deep.

Sweat it out. Stretch. Meditate. Do jumping jacks, squats, or follow a yoga video. Something, anything to move your body and remind your mind how strong your body is.

Let it all out. Write it down, cry it out, scream into a pillow, squeeze your husband tight. It is good to validate your feelings and get them out.

Help out. Text your neighbor, call your grandparents, write a letter of encouragement. Find small ways to let others know you’re thinking about them.

Tune it out. I mean it. Delete the social media apps. Turn off the T.V. Disconnect the Wifi at the source if you have to. STOP the input for just a little while. Tell your husband and mom that you’re unplugging for a little while and just go be present with your kids.

Time out. I know this one is hard, especially now. Try to get creative and resourceful. If it means your kids watch another 30 minutes of a show, that’s OKAY! Lay down, take a shower, just sit in your closet in the dark. Forced quiet times and naps for everyone! Take a minute for yourself.

So much of our anxiety comes from the fact that we can’t control what’s happening in our world right now. My encouragement to you is to take control of what you can, to find peace in the chaos. If this looks like schedules and color coordinated lessons, then do that. If that looks like setting a timer to remember to take a deep breath, then do that. Look for small ways right now that you can add some consistency and sense back into your life and give yourself and your family a double dose of grace.

You’ve got this Mama. Even this.

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