Finding Yourself in the Title of Mom

I often found myself complaining to my husband about how unhappy I was with myself (can anyone relate?!). I wished my body looked a certain way. I wished I had hobbies. I wished. I wished, I wished, I wished, when finally it clicked! None of those wishes were going to come true until I actually did something about it.

So, how do you find yourself again when this time around you have real life responsibilities and little people depending on you for daily sustenance (unlike your college days of self-discovery)? You do what any mature adulting mom trying to remember things would do, make a list!

Make a list of the following:

  1. Old hobbies you really enjoyed

  2. Things you’ve always wanted to try

  3. Stuff that you like because of you, not because your husband or kids like it

  4. Activities that don’t cost money and can start right away

  5. Big lofty dreams that might take some time

  6. Something that is kind of out of character for you but intriguing

Just putting these things on paper will refresh your soul and give you a new excitement and purpose.

Once the list is made, prioritize the list.

Don’t try too many new things at once or you’ll be more likely not to follow through. Start with the small things that don’t cost money and can be started right away. It can be as simple as getting up an hour earlier for some personal development, getting in a 30 min workout before the kids wake up, or enjoying a cup of HOT coffee. While you’re making that a consistent habit, do some research and set goals to try some of the new things on your list. Reach out to a girlfriend and ask her to do it with you and to hold you accountable.

As I checked things off my list, I was learning. I learned more about ME and the way I was wired. I learned about my strengths, my weaknesses, my likes, and dislikes. New passions and purposes unearthed and fueled my fire to keep growing, to keep changing, to keep learning who I was!

Want to know the best part?

The more I became fully ME, the better wife, mother, and friend I became! It sounds cliché but honestly, the more I liked myself and began to enjoy my life outside the role as “Mom”, the more intentional I became in that role and every role of my life. I appreciated my job as mom more and the relationship I had with my kids. I had energy to invest in the time I spent with them. When interacting with them I had a more positive attitude. I even dare to say, I had more patience when dealing with my kids during their challenging times.

The moral of this blog post dear Mamas… take time to be more than just M-O-M. Be Y-O-U too because in the end it really is the best thing you can do for your children. There are so many life lessons they will learn from seeing you step out and try new things and will benefit more from a mom who is confident in knowing who she truly is!

For me, finding my way to me went like this (as you can see in the photos above): Started by making time to workout at home. Ran first 1/2 marathon. Competed in a triathlon. Became a personal trainer and co-founded Live Fit Legacy. 

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