Fix it Before it Breaks

I’ve only been married a little over two years so you might think, “what does she know?”. I know that marriage is work. I know that you have to put in effort to have a successful marriage, and with that I know that you should work on your marriage when things are going well. Too often we wait until it’s at the brink of falling apart to try and “fix” it.

I have sadly seen too many marriages fail to know what not to do. My husband and I both grew up with bad examples of what a loving successful relationship looks like. We saw what it took to ruin a marriage. It definitely affected us. We both grew up not wanting marriage and not trusting love. Then we met each other.

Having similar childhoods has allowed us to connect on a different level. We are very focused on what it takes to keep us strong, connected, and in love. We also can both openly discuss what we’ve seen and share a vision on how to have the opposite, not only for ourselves, but for our children. We believe that they deserve to grow up seeing a loving healthy relationship.

I’m not saying we are perfect by any means. We work each and every day on our marriage. We follow marriage groups on Instagram. We read books that give tips and advice. We have taken love language quizzes and openly spoken about what we need on that regard. We have also watched marriage videos and are currently doing a question a night from a book by Marriage 365.

Some may think we are causing issues by always digging, but the truth is we are learning more about each other than we ever would if we just did our everyday. We are in the trenches of babies and the beginning of marriage and we intend to stay strong and make it to the other side, together.

PC: Laura Horner Photography

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