Got Aches and Pains? Tri- Physical Therapy To The Rescue!

I was so excited and nervous to try a physical therapy session with Tri-Physical Therapy. I always felt like physical therapy was for an event-type injury – car accident, broken bone, post-surgery, etc. I was dealing with pressure in my spine that always feels like it needs to be released, general muscle tightness across my whole back, and severe muscle tightness (you know, I thought normal aches and pains from being a mom!) But I went in to try it out anyway.

When I first walked in, I was pleasantly surprised at the ambiance of the suite. It doesn’t feel like a gym or a doctor’s office. It feels like you might grab some coffee with a friend – nice lighting, great décor, and super cool, modern music playing. I was greeted, smiled at, introduced, and warmly welcomed. We were off to a great start!

Molly was my P.T. and could seriously be my new best friend. She’s easy to talk to, makes good conversation, and is extremely knowledgeable and capable in her field. She’s also very passionate about improving the lives of others. When she talks about it, you just know – she really loves what she does. My hour with her consisted of an evaluation, a massage, and Pilates exercises. What I liked most was that she was with me the entire time. All the sessions are one-on-one. No one sends you to go do exercises alone or is juggling multiple patients. I had her undivided attention and my experience was better for it.

As a mom, it was SO HARD to commit to find childcare for my kids and make this appointment. At least twice I thought about cancelling. I am so very glad I made it happen – my body will thank me for it. I immediately went home and raved about it to my husband and then convinced my Grandma (aka. my childcare for the morning) that she should try it for some physical pains she’s been experiencing.

Whether it’s tomatoes, stars, or a scale of 1-10, I highly recommend Tri-Physical Therapy to anyone needing to resolve a physical pain or issue.

Here are some other tips to remember when visiting

our friends at Tri-Physical Therapy

+They accept insurance and have cash based prices as well - towards the end of the year a lot of deductibles have been met which means that a lot of times PT will be completely covered. Massages can also be billed through your insurance as licensed Massage Therapists can work under the direction of a Physical Therapist

+Every treatment session is tailored toward the individual and they will always send the patient home with exercises to do on their own

 +They treat a range of conditions from general strengthening, to orthopedic conditions (knee pain, ankle pain, injuries, etc.), general low back/knee/shoulder pain, as well as neurological conditions (post-stroke, MS, Parkinsons, etc.)

 +They offer cupping therapy, deep soft tissue work, therapeutic/athletic taping, posture evaluations, and Physical Therapy specifically for scoliosis

Check out their website for more information!

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