Happy Holidays... Sort of

Happy holidays... or is it?

I may get flack for this blog but I KNOW I’m not alone. 99% of my friends are with me and some of you could probably chime in on this.

I’m talking about the extended family (in laws) during the holidays. I am sick and tired of getting pulled a million directions during the busiest time of the year. I know everyone wants to spend holiday time with my kids, but we book up and let’s face, it I am THE schedule keeper.

For example, my mother in -law will text on a Wednesday before that Saturday for plans and expect us to be there or get mad we aren’t. What really boils my blood is when she will skip texting me completely and make plans though my hubs who, will always say "Yes" and never consult OUR calendar. Or my all time favorite move, when I’ve already said "No" to her and she goes around my back and ask the hubs, who again always says "Yes." This has been a BIG problem for us because he can’t say "NO" to his family.

What I’m getting at is that my husband hasn’t learned how to be his wife’s husband compared to his mother’s son. Does that make sense?

For a long time I would feel bad or guilty and just go along with what SHE would want. I’d spread us all way too thin by jamming in several events in one day because SHE wanted last minute plans.  But one day I woke up and I realized there is nothing wrong with saying "NO." These are MY kids and hey, if you can’t respect my calendar, boundaries, rules or ME , we are not coming to your family gathering.

The power of saying "NO" makes navigating the holidays a little less challenging and takes away some unnecessary stress. Do I get push back? Sure, but let’s make this clear this is MY little family, and I’m the boss.

So if you are in my same boat and you have in-laws that think they can run your life (schedule, decisions, etc.), my gift to you this holiday season… learn YOUR power of “NO.”

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