How to Teach Your Kids Good Work Ethic

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

It’s not a walk in the park raising kids today. I feel like when I grew up we learned life lessons by just living life. These days you have to really try harder to teach those life lessons. We often pay to have things done vs. learning how to fix it ourself. As a mom, I think it’s our job to teach our children about life so they are prepared for the outside world. Otherwise, we are setting them up for failure. No one wants to see their kids struggle or fail. But sometimes, we have to let them fail to learn valuable lessons. I have found a few things over the years raising my teens that has worked for us:

First, teaching them how to manage money.

My kids think money grows on trees. You know, their cell phone charger breaks and they think we should automatically just go to the store and buy a new one. Not at our house. Our kids have “jobs” they do to earn money. If they want something or need something, they are expected to do chores to earn that money. No one just hands me money if I need something. Am I right? My teenage daughter loves to buy clothes. She has a set amount of money from me for school clothes, but if she wants more than what I give her, she has to earn it.

Second, teaching them good work ethic.

I work from home mostly. I am a full-time photographer, I teach online photography courses and I also run a Monat business. I am a pretty busy lady during the daytime hours. I want my kids to have that same passion for work instilled in them. I want them to think like business owners and know how to handle customers or clients.

I have been taking my kids to work with me since I opened my photography business back in 2008. I only take one at a time. First, it was my son until he got old enough to stay home and babysit my youngest. My middle daughter comes with my now (unless I need her to stay home and babysit). I think it’s great for them to see me interacting with clients and know what that looks like and how to handle yourself in a professional manner. They see me as a business owner and not just mom!

Third, take your kids to local farms or places to volunteer.

We love going to local u-pick farms where we get to pick our own fruits and vegetables. My youngest always has so many questions about how we grow our food or where food comes from. It’s a great learning experience and she knows that it was work to grow the food she is eating. Another great way to get kids involved is to take them to volunteer. If they have to spend part of their Saturday picking up trash to better our local parks, then maybe they will respect our planet a little more.

This is all part of raising well rounded human beings to care about people and where they live. I have great kids! I may be a little biased. It may have something to do with my parenting skills, who knows? But I know they are going to be great adults and hopefully pass these traits onto their children one day.

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