6 Instagram Accounts Worthy of a Follow

Social media is incredible for connecting those we love, sharing our victories and finding inspiration.

PC: My Trader Joe's List Instagram

I recently have begun to discover more and more people through Instagram and started really putting some of the exploring features to use! I've found exciting ideas to help me through this motherhood journey! I have gleaned from their wisdom and laughed at some of the genius tips. I often find myself asking, "How did I not think of that sooner?" So please enjoy these accounts! (We are in no way sponsored or being paid by these accounts! These are purely just recommendations that I love and hope you enjoy as well!)

  1. Feeding Littles- These local AZ ladies come with some incredible experience between the two of them and offer wonderful ideas, tricks and recipes! This account has truly changed our meal times, especially now that we've entered the toddler pickiness phase...

  2. Taking Cara Babies- I WISH I would have found this account sooner. My little guy has not been a great sleeper from the get go and I really could have used her from day one! Well, now that we're here, she has offered incredible strategies for promoting better sleep! I enjoy her Q&A sessions she frequently does on her Instagram Stories and love her recommended products!

  3. E & ME| New Trick Kids- Gosh, this is one of my all time favorites for sure! The ideas she has are SO simple! I love that her activities are achievable, realistic and EASY. Its so nice to have engaging activities that promote learning and keep little hands busy when dinner needs made! My favorite part is that she has age appropriate activities for learning, so dig deeper in her account for when her daughter was little to find those infant ideas! SO worth it!

  4. Kids are the Worst- Sometimes, you just need a good laugh! This account is my favorite when I've had a stressful mom day. From hilarious child comments, to questionable artwork, this account has made me laugh until I cried! 

  5. My Trader Joe's List- This is both the best and the worst. It's the best because there's so many fun products I didn't even know about! It's bad because it makes me want to spend all my money! This definitely opened my eyes to all the neat foods they offer and highlights their seasonal items when they hit the shelves. 

  6. AZfoodie- Danger. No really. There is too much deliciousness in this account! Diana is "The Original Arizona Foodie" and gets to try all the local hotspots. Not to mention sample foods and restaurants that are new to the valley. I love watching her account to get date night ideas!

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