Kango: The Missing Link in Your Mom Tribe

“Can’t I just order my kid an Uber?!” We’ve all thought it! Between juggling the endless dash to school drop offs and pick-ups, practices, and appointments for each kid (nevertheless your own schedule)…we’ve all thought it! Gone are the days where kids walk or ride their bikes to school or practice. Carpools and mom friends are a lifesaver but, it takes a village. And if Kango isn’t part of your tribe, they need to be ASAP.

What is Kango?

Kango is the award-winning rideshare and childcare service that is making waves all across California and has just touched down in Phoenix. Hallelujah!

Founder Sara Schaer started Kango after she realized there had to be a better solution to the carpool chaos. As a working mom, like so many of us, she found she needed an extra set of hands to get all the things done. Think "Childcare on Wheels".

But who are these people I’m handing my child off to?

So much more than just a safe driver! In a nutshell, Kango caregivers have:

· At least 3 years of childcare experience

· Undergone extensive background checks and fingerprinting

· Been screened in a rigorous interview process

· Completed in-person training before being available in the app

Kango offers a complimentary meet & greet before the ride takes place, to make sure all parties are comfortable. They make sure to prioritize every child's physical and emotional safety.

Ok, so how does Kango work?

1- Download the app.

2- Schedule a ride, childcare, or both. (One-time or ongoing requests.)

3- See who can help.

4- Follow the Ride. Real-time updates and tracking of driver location and you can even talk to the driver or sitter directly. “Make sure Johnny has his shin guards in his soccer bag before heading to practice.”

5- Pay your caregiver the predetermined amount straight from the app.

Next time you’re stressing, “How am I going to get my son from school to soccer when I have a meeting tomorrow afternoon?” Kango is your trusted mom friend.

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