Lazy Days of Summer

We are summer time slobs over here.

Recently another Desert Moms Blog writer shared about slowing down the schedule for summer, well we not only slowed it down… it came to a halt. My “type A” attitude ended with the school year. Anything seems to go!

PC: Lisa Marohnic Saldin

The play room has turned into a fort, there are train tracks through my living room, my dining room has turned into a racetrack and the kitchen table is covered in Legos. Normally I’d say one toy out at and time and pick it up when done, but lately I just don’t care. Bathtime routine is completely out the door and I am not even embarrassed to say it’s been replaced by the pool every night. Slime, Play Doh, Kinetic Sand, I usually cringe at the mention of these but hey, this is the summer of fun!

Dinner is almost always on the grill (usually burgers and hot dogs) it’s too hot to turn on the oven. Popsicles and ice cream for dessert every night… always!

I have the calendar filled with daily events so if we decide we want to do something the option is there but as these lazy days go by, we’ve said “goodbye” to any commitments.

Maybe I’m just tired, maybe it’s too hot, maybe I am just sick of driving all over town for sports, or maybe my boys are finally at an age they play nice together, I can’t pin point what is different this year, but I can say… I’m enjoying the lazy days of summer and hope you are too!

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