Life Lessons By Age 10

As a parent to a sassy tween daughter, I would like to share my little glitter of wisdom I have observed from every year of my little lovely’s life. Lessons that will impact her for a lifetime:


By age 1, she came to know that being lifted up and carried through life by someone who loves you is actually pretty awesome. Hopefully she will always let herself be carried a bit, even if it isn’t literal. Walking alone isn’t all its cracked up to be.


At 2, she discovered words have power. Learn to use them the right way and everyone smiles. Use the wrong words and you might lose some privileges or even get put in time out from those you love.

THREE Being 3 was rough and having a fit doesn’t get one very far in life! Sometimes others just leave and walk away from that fit. Hopefully she will learn to have calmness in life and realize a tantrum won’t get her very far.


4 years old and it is all about the manners: Please and Thank You seems to go a really long way in life. Manners are always in style, no matter what your age so learn them well!


Age 5, a good education is important, whether it is kindergarten or college. The first day is all about the photo, so always smile for the camera and learn which side is your best! Give the camera to someone else because selfies don’t always capture the moment fully.


By 6, she could literally talk to anyone. Don’t interrupt others, that’s considered rude. Strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know, get uncomfortable. You might make a new friend.


In your 7th year, take extra strides to take good care of your teeth because they can just fall right out of your mouth. A new set won’t always grow back in!


When 8, she came into your own…being sassy is not a good idea all of the time, chose your moments. Timing is everything.


9 isn’t always fine--it was time for mood swings. Don’t let the emotions get the best of you during these hormonal times, hold it together. Don’t let someone push you too much, you just might fall off the edge and then lose your ever-loving mind.


We made it a decade, 10 years old, the big year! Double digits should be celebrated; milestones are important and always save room for birthday cake!

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