Make an Escape to Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe

Double dates are by far one of my favorite things to do. This time we decided on a new venture: an escape room at Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe and it did not disappoint!

When we first arrived at the Escape Games, we were given the option of the three rooms available to chose from. Options are always great, especially with a group. Here's the rundown:

  1. Wizard Hysteria : No actors in this room.

Wizard Hysteria

2. The Row : Featuring a live actor in the room that can only communicate with you. They are locked up.

The Row

3 .Zombie Panic: Includes live actors that can interact with you!

Zombie Panic Room

Based on the presence of actors in the room. we chose to go with the Wizard Hysteria room. None of us like to be scared!

For one hour we were completely submerged into another world, and it was a blast! For #HarryPotter fans, it's easy to make connections as the room is filled with the sorting hat, floating candles, and other iconic details.

Clues are hidden around the room in a way that got everyone involved. This is definitely a group activity! My group consisted of my husband and I and our best friends. The four of us had a blast working together to crack the many different clues.

Fortunately we had a guide, Lady A, who sent us clues over a TV monitor whenever we were close, but just couldn’t seem to figure it out. It was a great addition to the game to make sure it kept going without directly giving us answers.

We finished with 13:30 minutes left on the clock! Then it was time to play a little dress up and take some photos of our accomplishments. The guys and us ladies all had an equally great time, which isn't always an easy task to accomplish with date night activities.

Next time you are looking for a unique night out, I 100% recommend Alcatraz Escape Games in Tempe. Give them a try and get 10% off by mentioning the code DESERTMOM19.

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