Mini Fresh Makes Mealtimes Effortless

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

What is it? Mini-Fresh is a company that is designed to help moms out when it comes to providing their children with healthy, organic, fresh meals! They will deliver baby food and toddler meals right to your door. You can order everything from organic baby food, baby lead weaning foods, well balanced toddler meals and easy to grab snacks!

I ordered my Mini Fresh box to arrive the day we got home from Disneyland. Let me tell you, that was a brilliant idea! I actually had healthy food options that were already made for my little ones, without any hassle or prep on my part!

When the box came, I just popped all of the packages in the fridge or freezer {Easy to read labels told me what to do!} My son, right away, got the mac & cheese, broccoli tots, and the sweet potato bites.

He inhaled the mac & cheese bites. Which were made with pasta, butternut squash, cheese, coconut milk and garlic. Anytime I can sneak veggies into my kid's food, it is a win! They also had fresh baby food for him as well. He is at the stage where I want him to work on self feeding as well as get a mixture of textures, so the baby food was perfect! He ate some of the baby food each day with dinner for a week! It was awesome to be able to offer him homemade baby food, that I did not have to make myself.

I also have two little girls, 3 and 5. My five year old, Emma, will try anything once, but my youngest daughter is veryyyy picky. With some coaxing I got both of them to try the mac and cheese bites. Abigail is an easy mac sort of girl, so, these were a bit of a stretch for her. Emma on the other hand, loved the mac and cheese. Emma was also a fan of the midi bites, broccoli tots and sweet potato bites.

Our Favorites

The mac and cheese bites, broccoli tots, midi bites and the organic baby food were the biggest hits with my kiddos. Emma LOVED the broccoli tots. To be honest, I could not believe that she ate them all!

What did not work great for my family was my three year old. She is very picky and well, she wasn’t willing to try anything. The food she ate and enjoyed the most was the midi bites. I will order those for her again soon!

I highly recommend Mini Fresh to everyone who is wanting fresh, organic baby food or who is doing baby led weaning. I totally ruined my first two with not offering enough variety and they quickly became picky eaters. I cannot stress how important exposure to all different tastes and textures are when trying to have a good eater. With Wells, I am determined to expose him to every kind of tastes and textures and Mini Fresh made that easy. I don’t have time to make my own baby food, so being able to buy homemade baby food and toddler food was great.

My experience with Mini Fresh was effortless. As a busy mom of three who is always trying to get good and healthy food on the table, they really made it easy for me! From packing lunches and snacks for my oldest, to baby led weaning and baby food for my one year old, Mini Fresh is a wonderful resource! They even have baby food subscription services. { if I had known earlier, I would have signed up six months ago!}

If you want some of the best deals on gourmet baby food and toddler foods I would recommend you check out Mini Fresh!

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