Mom Needs to EAT Too: 5 Eating Hacks

We are the role models of our family! We need to put our health FIRST and that means making time to eat. Fueling our bodies is a priority and gives us the energy to be the multitaskers that we are.

It's our nature to put our children and husband/partner first.

It is so easy to go all day and literally be the garbage disposal of our kids meals and snacks. It may go like this, grab a bite of your sons breakfast, finish half of his Z bar at snack time and then later eat every last crumble of your daughters lunch at school pick up. All of a sudden 5 pm arrives, and you went all day not actually eating a decent meal or designating time for your nutrition needs. We all know that dinner can easily be gobbled up in 5 or 10 minutes because you have to help with homework and bedtime duties.

Making meals is a chore.

I know, mom life is BUSY and I always hear, "I just don’t have time." Time is a issue but this is when we need to bring out our organization and time management skills. As a mom and entrepreneur, each day is different in what needs to get done so having designated meal and snack times is just not realistic.

Regardless of what your day is like, please get selfish with your own eating needs and make it apart of your lifestyle. The following hacks will help prevent a blood sugar rollercoaster and keep you healthy and energized.

5 Eating Hacks for Mom


  • Birch Benders pancakes, make a big batch one day and warm up in a toaster and slather on nut butter. They also sell waffles too! Pair with a hardboiled egg.

Birch Benders Pancake Mix
  • Another idea is make a big batch of breakfast egg muffins to last you all week and pair with a slice of toast.

  • Overnight Oats is another yummy, easy and balanced breakfast meal.


  • The night before, make a protein shake (add whatever you desire in it) and place in freezer. The next morning, take it with you and by mid-day, it has defrosted but yet still cold and refreshing.

3pm Pick-me-up

  • Rice Cake with smashed avocado, hemp hearts, cocoa nibs and a drizzle of honey or 1-2 energy balls (try mine or make your own).

Dinner Meals

You can make homemade meals! Wake up an extra 30 minutes earlier and prep your dinner for the evening. Or maybe it would work better for you to prep half of the meal in the early am and finish the rest during "quiet time". The night before, look at how your next day is going to flow and where it makes the most sense to prep your food in advance so dinner time requires minimal effort.

  • Casseroles and crockpots are super easy to put together.

  • Homemade burgers can be made ahead and cooked later.

  • Chop up all your vegetables or prep a salad and use a rice cooker for rice/quinoa.


Just like you would not dare leave the house without snacks for your kids, you do the same for you too! Travel with a PackIt freezable lunch bag. My favorites include:

Feel free to follow me on Instagram @balance.and.rejuvenate.rd for more ideas! Do you have any go-tos of your own? Share in comments.

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