Musical Beds

“Three in a bed and the littlest one said rollover … rollover”

Remember that nursery rhyme? That’s my life... One or both kids end up in our bed on a nightly basis. Now some people will judge (like my husband) but please don’t. The time is short that they are small and cuddly. If they feel more safe crawling in next to me, I’m fine with it. Let’s be honest, before we know it, they will want nothing to do with us. HOWEVER, when nighttime is supposed to be quiet and peaceful, someone at our house is always wandering the halls.

My youngest still sleeps in his crib conversion (which is in the master bedroom and truthfully, I never thought he’d be in it this long but I think he feels like it’s his safe spot.) My oldest is supposed to stay in his big boy bed in his room. ​Of course, he wants me to lay with him read, chat, etc., until he falls asleep. I’m fine with that until I fall asleep too! So now I’m wandering the hall back to my bed. I finally tuck in and my youngest will pop up to potty. Now he is up and wanders over to my bed wanting to lay with me too, so I’ll pull him in. Just as I doze the 5-year-old comes wandering down the hall because he’s scared and also wants to crawl in. This all lasts maybe 20 minutes before I’m kicked in the face by one of them. So EVERYBODY up and back to their assigned beds. I wander back down the hall and stupidly think I’ll finally get to sleep. BUT the cycle repeats.

And guess who is catching all the “zzz’s” during all this nocturnal activity?  Yep, the hubs. He’s getting the best night sleep of anyone in this darn house!

So, for the all the new moms out there are so exhausted and were told “oh don’t worry you’ll sleep again after the newborn stage!”


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