“No Gym” Friendly Workouts - No Excuses!

This summer sometimes going to the gym was more challenging. Many of us travel to get out of the heat and unfortunately that comes with a consequence - NO GYM access! Instead of saying “Oh well, I’ll just take a few weeks off”…I created some challenging and yet simple workouts that only require body weight and two types of bands (that literally can fit in your purse).

These are the bands I recommended to buy via AMAZON…you can really choose any brand, they are basically all the same. Trust me, they are worth the investment! As a fitness guru and instructor, I utilize these bands daily. They can really take your strength to another level and like I said before, they take up very little room when your traveling and still want a good workout.

1. Exercise Loop Bands/Circle Bands (~$10)

2. Long Resistance Bands with Handles ($25)

WORKOUT 1 - Lower Body: 2-4 sets

1. CircleBand above knees - get in a squat position and take 2 steps to each side x 1-2 minutes (stay low in a squat the whole time)

2. Circle Band above knees - Floor Bridges - feet on an elevated surface such as a couch/bench (weight in heels, toes pointed up and feet flexed) x 1-2 minutes

3. Circle Band around ankles - Standing single straight leg lifts (leg at 45 degree angle with foot flexed - push with your heel) x 1 minute/leg

4. Long Band with handles - Donkey Kicks x 2 minutes/leg

5. Long Band Quad Kicks (laying on ground - middle of band behind your low back and wrap handles around top of feet) - start with straight legs to the ceiling and bend at the knees to a 90 degree angle and then back up - both legs x 30 sec, single leg x 30 sec - repeat 2-3x

6. Circle Band above knees - lay on your side/hip, straight legs at a 45 degree angle - straight leg lifts (top leg lifts up from bottom leg) x 1 minute, bicycle your top leg one way x 30 sec, other direction x 30 sec and then end with small and big straight leg circles with the top leg x 1 minute (both directions)

7. No Band - Inner Thigh Leg lifts (lengthen your bottom leg and cross your top bent leg over it and plant foot on ground) x 1 minute/leg

8. Circle Band above knees - seated on a chair/bench - abduct your knees out x 50-100 reps

Want some cardio?

In between each set - 100 Mountain Climbers - Every 20th Rep - 10 Burpees (50 total)

WORKOUT 2 - Upper Body - do all 3 or split it up accordingly

Back + Biceps x 2-4 sets

• Long Band Pull-Apart (keep arms straight and drive band across chest) x 30 seconds

• Long Band Front Bicep Curls x 20 reps

• Seated Rows (wrap middle of band behind flexed feet with straight legs and cross bands to make an X and then grab under the handles - grab farther down to your feet for more resistance)

• Mid Row (palms in) x 8 reps and pulse for 8 reps - repeat 3x

• High Row (palms down to floor - elbows shoulder height) x 8 reps and pulse for 8 reps - repeat 3x

• Long Band Lateral Bicep Curls x 20 reps

Want some cardio?

In between each set - 100 Skaters, Forearm Plank x 1 minute, 100 High Knees

Chest + Tricep x 2-4 sets

• Walk Out Wide Push ups - 1 to 8 reps

• Long Band - Standing Single Arm Overhead Tricep Extension x 30 sec/arm (closer the hands are the more challenging)

• Long Band - Standing Incline Press (middle of band under one or two feet - grab handles and press slightly forward and up - arms start wide and come together at the top in the press)

• Tricep Dips/Push ups x 30-45 sec

Want some cardio?

In between each set: Tabata - 5 rounds: 20 seconds on/10 sec off, circle band above knees

• Plank Jacks (jack out your feet in and out)

• Squat Jumps (jump feet off the floor and land in low squat)

Shoulders x 2-4 sets

• Long Band Alternate Front and Side Raises x 1 minute (both or alternate arms)

• Long Band Shoulder Press x 1 minute (both or alternate arms)

• Circle Band (around wrists) - Plank Lateral Hand walks x 1 minute (2-4 steps per side)

Want some cardio?

In between each set- 100 Jumping Jacks, Plank Hip Dips x 1 minute, 100 Squat Jumps

WORKOUT 3 - Glutes: 2-3 sets

Circle Band above knees, begin in tabletop position

1. Donkey Kicks x 1 minute and then pulse at top for 30 sec

2. Extend R leg straight back, small leg lifts up/down x 30 sec

3. Flex foot, hold leg up and hamstring curl x 30 sec

4. Point toe, rotate straight leg out, lift up/down x 30 sec

5. Keep leg rotated, flex foot, hamstring curl x 30 sec

6. Left elbow to floor, fire hydrant x 30 sec - Hold leg up and pulse x 20 sec

7. Lay on side, Clam shell x 8 reps and then pulse 8 reps - repeat 3x

8. Repeat on other side

Want some cardio?

In between each set-5 rounds: 30seconds each

• High Knee Runs

• Burpees

WORKOUT 4 - Glutes: 2-3 sets

Circle Band above knees, standing up

1. Pigeon toe walks x 1 minute (stay low in squat position - toes out) - walk up 4 steps and back 4 steps

2. Squats x 1 minute - Hold squat pulse knees out x 30-45 sec - Squat with side leg lift, right leg x 30 sec - Squat with side leg lift, left leg x 30 sec

3. Stand up straight, right leg arabesque, pulse x 30 sec

4. Sweep arms overhead and right leg front, lift leg up and pulse x 30 sec

5. Repeat arabesque and leg pulses on the other side

6. Circle Band around top of feet - Alternate Leg Marches (drive knee to hip height)

Want some cardio?

In between each set - Banded Frog Jumps (above knees) x 100 reps

Please note if you have any questions and/or need clarification on any exercise describe below… Email me at rdenergyballz@gmail.com

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