Please, Have Some Compassion

Do you remember that moment you took home your first baby from the hospital? I think every single parent has the thought, “Why do they think I am capable enough to keep this baby alive?! I do not know that I am doing?!”

Well, fast forward three years, I have now taken three of those little babies home from the hospital. I often look back on bringing home my first baby, and wonder “ HOW DID I EVER THINK ONE BABY WAS SO HARD?!”

Now hear me out, any moms of multiple children have probably had that thought. I get it. I often think that. Having three kids in under four years can do that to you. But as moms, can we please just remember what our feelings were when we were there?

As moms, we can be the worst critics to other moms.

As years go on, we tend to block out all of the hard parts of parenthood, when we need to remember them most so that we can have more compassion.

When I brought home my first baby, I was SO overwhelmed.

I could not believe I was fully responsible for that little tiny human being. I had to keep her alive and fed and happy. Once you would somewhat figure out their schedule BAM, they change it. It was hard. I LOVED all of those meals that friends would bring you. They were such a huge help. My maternity leave flew by. I have no clue what I even did each day.

Fast forward sixteen months and I brought home my second little bundle and it was SO HARD.

This time I was a bit more prepared in the newborn department, but managing a toddler while trying to care for myself and a newborn was SO HARD. Again, it was overwhelming. I remember thinking, how did I think one baby was so hard, but it was. It was hard. I cannot deny what I felt and thought after I had my firstborn.

Two years later I brought home baby number three. Again, it was so hard.

I now had a 3 year old, 2 year old and a newborn. Adjusting to the new norm of balancing all three of the children and yourself was exhausting. Doing anything with all three was a marathon. Trying to get out of the house would take nearly two hours. I again would laugh to myself when I would think about how overwhelmed I was with just one child. But that is not fair.

It is not fair to make little of what we felt at any stage of our journeys as mothers. It is not fair to ever look at another mother and belittle her situation because she has what seems to be an easier situation than ours.

We have to stick together as mothers.

We have to be each others biggest cheerleaders. We have to support and encourage each other, no matter what stage each of us is going through. So moms, please have some compassion, and please remember that when you were in that stage, you were probably overwhelmed too.

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