Random Acts Of Beauty In Anxious Times

There is a parkway that cuts through our neighborhood where I often walk. Now that the wildflowers are starting to bloom, pops of color and sweet fragrance line my path. It is beautiful and also surreal given the anxiety and fear that has filled our days recently.

Last week I noticed brightly colored river rocks lining the sidewalks for a long stretch of the parkway. Joy! Some kind souls had painted rocks and written sayings on them, like enjoy the little things, spread love, and it will be ok. I imagined a small group of teens huddled together decorating these rocks (because today’s teens amaze me with their bravery and insight in unnerving times), then loading them up to place in the path of spirits that need lifting. Just painted rocks to make someone smile.

The last season of my favorite show, The Good Place, wrapped up recently. One of the show’s central questions is what do we owe each other? In my opinion, we are a huge group of people responsible for keeping ourselves and each other going. I hear more and more research that connection is key for our survival and well-being. When we do things for each other, we are also doing things for the greater good, which includes ourselves and our families. Those painted rocks were what I needed to keep me going that day.

I hope to create more beauty and offer more ease to myself and my family in the coming months. Bake banana bread, blow bubbles with my daughter, listen closer to my husband, and take care of our backyard plants. I want to give us “more credit than criticism, more grace than judgement”, (from Hold On But Don’t Hold Still, by Kristina Kuzmic).

Thanks to whomever placed those painted rocks in my path. You did us all good.

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