Recharging your Mom Battery

I know I do not speak for myself when I say mom life is hard, really hard at times. Most days our schedules are jammed packed full of pickups, drop offs, school activities, after school actives, doctor appointments, and not to mention finding time to keep the house cleaned, organized, fridge stocked, and figuring out what’s for dinner each night just to name a few. It is because of these crazy schedules, and long lists that we as moms are exhausted, physically, and emotionally. The need to recharge our mom battery is great.

As a brand-new mom six years ago, this was a concept I could not understand and would feel such a deep level of guilt for doing. I could not fathom taking a break for myself, let alone find the time. My life was consumed with my new born baby and everything he needed. Since I was his only survival kit I could never leave him for any selfish reason. I know I was not alone in these thoughts, but I look back at that time and wish I could tell myself it was okay. It is okay to take a mommy break and recharge. Now having all these years behind me, I would consider myself a “veteran” mom. I have two boys full of energy, who need me to keep up with them and I know just how important it is for me to recharge for myself and my family.

How you might ask, the guilt eventually subsides, and you learn that it is a necessity to have time to ourselves and get back to the person we were before we had our precious babies. We all have hobbies we loved to do at one time and wish we could do again and that is where I would start. For me, it would be getting back in the pool and swimming laps, going to a spa with a girlfriend for a day, having a girl’s night out for dinner and not having to worry about making a meal or cleaning dishes. Even taking a nice car ride alone and listening to music I enjoy would be relaxing. The list could go on forever, but the most import thing is to realize is its okay to admit you need time to yourself. It is fine to be selfish every once in a while, and take care of YOU. This mom job is tough there is so much pressure put on us and so much pressure we put upon ourselves to do it all and be great at it. Our children may forget all the things we’ve done for them and the activities we took them to, but they will not forget how we acted while doing it all. So, my advice is to run out of the house and meet a friend, hit up the spa, grab a cup of coffee or catch a happy hour, take a drive, get out doors and hike or hit the pool. Whatever you do make sure you’re recharging your mom batteries!

This time I make for myself allows me to unwind, destress, and most of all teaches me not sweat the small things in life. Life is too short and we need to be present, healthy, and have the energy to take care of our families and enjoy these moments with them because, one day these moments will be just memories so we better make them great ones!

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