Relay is the SMARTER phone for kids

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

In an effort to cut down on daily hours in the car, we switched to a closer school and one with a bus route through our neighborhood this year. I thought we’d utilize the bus in the upper grades, but already on day two, my first grader BEGGED, I mean, BEGGED to take the bus. Being his practical, persuasive self, he made every logical argument under the sun why we should let him ride.... and eventually I caved. This was a whole new level of control this Type A mom had to relinquish!

When you find a product that is truly a #gamechanger, you simply have to share about it!

Letting my little boy run onto that school bus was brutal on my heartstrings. School drop off I can handle. It’s door to door, I know where he is at all times. But the bus was setting him off into the big world and trusting that he could navigate it all by his 6 year-old self. I survived…and he had the time of his life, committed to making this his new routine. But I was riddled with anxiety about it!

“What if he missed the bus?” “What if there is an emergency?” “What if he just needs me?”

We thought about activating an old cell phone for him, but I could already hear the school calling because he got caught playing Tag with Ryan during recess. (My son’s a rule follower, but the lure of technology on him is fierce!) I needed something to make sure he got to school safely, and let him get in touch with my in case of an emergency…even an “I need mom” emergency. That’s when I found the Relay.

Relay combines the power of a phone with the functionality of a walkie talkie. Kids can check in with family, and talk with friends by pushing ONE button. It sets us both free! It has a nationwide range of a cell phone with 4G LTE and WiFi. If your phone is in another room or your kids are in class with their Relays locked, you can leave each other messages to listen to later! My guy sneaks me sweet “I love you mom” messages at nighttime that I save and cherish during the day when I’m missing his sweet smile.


The little square Relay has GPS location tracking that lets you see your kid's location right on your phone - without having to interrupt their learning or fun. All through the app, I can see he arrived safely at school, and then exactly when the bus starts moving after school.

The best part: it's screen-free! The perfect solution for kids that are too young to be exposed to inappropriate content on the internet and social media. It also eliminates the dangers of screen addictions, which we are already battling in our home!

Throw it, step on it, get it wet. Relay's rugged design allows it to follow your kid anywhere. And with GPS, you can't lose it.

Give yourself peace of mind this school year. And with a special 40% off sale, staying in touch never seemed so priceless! Get yours from Target online now at:

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