Road Tripping with Kids: Advice on driving and taking breaks

This summer my family of six went on an 35 day road trip and I became some what of an expert on the topic. Last week I shared my advice on food and eating.

Part 2: Advice on driving and taking breaks

Road trips like the one we did are goal-oriented. Everything we did and the decisions we made were geared toward getting to our destination.

  • Three hour shift changes Our first leg of driving was 24 hours straight from Phoenix, AZ to Nashville, TN. We were not “along for the ride” or interested in stopping at every Scenic Overlook along I-40. My husband and I decided that we would stop every 3 hours to change drivers. We never wanted to just drive until we couldn’t anymore. That’s not safe driving, especially when driving through the night.

  • Plan ahead We did a lot of planning ahead; looking at Google maps to see which city or town 3 hours of driving would put us in. We did our best to also get gas at these stops and have kids go potty.

  • Speaking of going potty When one person needs to go potty, everyone gets to go potty. It doesn’t matter if your 6-year-old doesn’t need to go. She might need to go in an hour and then you’ll be stopping again. We also had our fair share of peeing on the side of the road episodes. No shame.

Next week I'll be sharing what I learned about car packing and organizing, and be sure to comment if you've learned any other tips to help other moms out on road tripping.

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