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Save Money in 2020 with a New Approach to Insurance

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

I cannot believe there are on a few days left in this decade...days! I wrapped up my Christmas shopping and Holiday To-Do list and am now looking ahead to 2020 and thinking about everything we've had in place in our household for the last decade. Is it time for some refreshing? One thing that comes to mind is insurance. This is one of those things you purchase, pay for monthly, and forget about unless you need it (which thankfully we have not). But knowing my accident/claim-free past, and seeing the price increase literally year after year, it got me thinking, am I paying too much? Is there a better option out there? Well turns out, I found there is!

I came across Branch, a new technology company that made shopping and bundling home and auto insurance easier and better than ever. Branch has affordable pricing and a very efficient process (one you can do in the middle of the night, while feeding your baby!). And it allows you to see your insurance price in UNDER 40 seconds, I have to say, the best part is how it is 100% online. No phone calls, and no shopping around.

I also love Branch because it was built on the core belief that insurance has lost its way. It's become all about big marketing dollars these days instead of being about the community. They are bringing it back to the #roots of great, quick service but raising the bar and making it accessible online.

So I challenge you to give it a shot too. It's free, and you can see if you can save some money this next decade by bundling your insurance. We will save over $400 in 2020!

Click here to try it for yourself.

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