Say Yes To Staying Home

Being someone that has worked my whole life, taking a year off, after my second baby was born, was huge! Actually putting in my leave for good, was a shock to everyone. Here’s what I learned my first year as a stay at home mom and why I’ve decided to continue.

  • #1 the money that you’re missing you don’t really miss. I’ve learned that I actually spend less money being home! No more fancy coffee drinks every day or going out to lunch and no more gifts for everyone at my office for every event that arises. I don’t need new nice clothes, I don’t need to do my make up so obviously I’m buying less, and life is just a lot simpler.

  • #2 Being home with my babies is the most exciting thing. There are days that I feel like I’m losing my mind sure, but I love being able to take them to the park, a play date to the zoo, a museum. It’s the best watching them learn and wonder and grow. I love that I am the one teaching them! Even though my oldest goes to preschool three days a week it’s so worth it to have her home with me those other days. I get to help her grasp new ideas and to see the world from a different angle by introducing her to new experiences.

  • #3 Mom friends are awesome! Being home all the time with your littles can become lonely so I went out and made mom friends. It’s crazy that I have only known most of these women for about a year. They have become my “coworkers” in motherhood. We bounce ideas off of each other. Support one another when things get tough and the best part is we laugh and enjoy each other.

Being a stay at home mom is a huge decision! It takes adjusting and sacrifice but really it’s the best thing in the world. Your kids are only little for so long so why not enjoy it? If you’re thinking about leaving work to be with your kids, my advice, do it! You can always go back to work when you’re ready.

*If you are a working mom this is by no means putting you down for your choice. I was a working mom with my first and enjoyed that too. Each mama has to do what’s right for them and their family.

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