School Readiness: Not Just For The Kids

As parents, we are truly our child’s first and best teacher from well before kindergarten through high school. Sometimes that is daunting! And that's where Parent Partners Plus programs come in. Their programs equip parents with advocacy and empowerment for our kids. They help teach us how to observe our child to see:

  • their preferred learning styles

  • their interests

  • their progress

  • areas where they might need more help

Parent Partners Plus programs don’t just teach child development in general ways, but how to individualize development and focus on building us, as parents, to best serve our child with specific strengths, needs, and interests.

Love For Literacy

Before a child learns to read, or even begins learning their first letters and letter sounds, it’s crucial that they learn the love and value of reading. Reading will come much more naturally if the child already knows what reading is and engages with it before they are taught how to do it.

Kids need to read not because it’s required, but because they want to do it and see that it is how to get information and entertainment.

Math Foundations

Just like reading, the foundations for math happen long before kids learns their first numbers. The basics of sorting, organizing, etc., are important mathematical concepts that lay the groundwork for understanding what the numbers mean later on in life. Kids who want to play and experiment with these concepts early on in life are more likely to be motivated to learn the more difficult mathematical concepts later.

School readiness is not just about learning ABCs and 123s, and it’s not just about our kids. It’s also about teaching and empowering us, as parents, to know our child, confidently take on the role of being their expert, learn what to expect as they develop, what to expect from the school system, and overall be ready to partner with the school system to provide our kids with the best educational experience and service possible.

About Parent Partners Plus

Parent Partners Plus connects families to the support system they deserve and need to be the best parents for their children. All of the programs they work with are free, voluntary and support both mothers and fathers, and other primary caregivers in a child’s life. They coordinate with 26 programs to serve thousands of families who are pregnant or parenting young children throughout Maricopa County. Families are not one size fits all—neither are the programs and that's why Parent Partners Plus helps families find the program that is the best fit for them.

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