Self-Care Tips for Moms

There is nothing more that I hate than a sour sponge. I swear that mildew smell is on my hands for days!! I no joke, have picked them up with tongs to throw them in the trash. How does something that's supposed to clean, get so nasty?? Well mamas, like that sponge, if you sit neglected in a dark corner, you'll get stinky too. If you're not pouring into yourself, wringing yourself out, you are going to be just like that sponge. Doing more harm than good. We are powerhouses! Designed to care, and work and love and move mountains! Yet, we can't do that well when we neglect ourselves and our bodies. Thick into motherhood, I recognized how challenging it became to eat in a way that nourished my body and still manage to squeeze in a workout. It just didn't happen. Yet, lacking energy to keep up with my son and taking a nap daily, wasn't an option either. Somehow, I needed to find a way to add my health to the plates I was spinning. These are a few ways you can squeeze in some "health care!"

Lazy Girl Meal Prep

You guys. I can't meal prep, I can't. I applaud anyone who has the diligence and dedication to prep out an entire weeks worth of meals, but that's not me, it just doesn't work for me. Plus, I am not a person who can eat the same thing seven days in a row. My strategy for meal prep goes like this:

  1. Plan 5-6 meals for dinner for the week, I don't pick what meals we eat on what days. I buy groceries for those meals and the night before, or day of, I decide which of those meals we'd like to have.

  2. When I buy groceries and make the dinners, I make enough to have leftovers. Every time!

  3. With those leftovers, I put them into Tupperware for the next day for lunch for hubby and me.

  4. If I have enough leftovers, I FREEZE them! So on the days I need a quick meal to "zap!" I have a healthy one ready to go.

  5. Finally, I make meals to appeal to everyone. There's no way I can convince my husband to celebrate Taco Tuesday with a Taco Salad. However, a few tortillas on hand appeases the toddler, the husband, and I can have my taco salad or lettuce wrapped tacos! Try to plan meals where you can modify them slightly without having to cook separately!


I know this seems elementary and you've probably heard it a lot. However, there couldn't be anything more helpful to your health. I notice a HUGE impact to my mental clarity and energy when I'm not getting those ounces in. Find a way to motivate yourself! Get a water bottle you love, add some fruit to infuse it, and no coffee doesn't count!

Sweat Baby, Sweat! I would love to be the mom that wakes up before her kids to squeeze in her cardio, I'm not there yet. Maybe one day, maybe. With all the things to accomplish during nap times, its hard to fit a workout in during that window also. Instead, I've tried to get in whatever movement I can, whenever I can. Some days, this looks like getting in some resistance training or weights in while my son plays outside. Other days, this is walking to the park and running intermittently! Also, check out Amazon Prime, Youtube, Instagram, even Netflix! Theres lots of quick workouts 30 minutes and under! Some of these I've been able to accomplish with a 28lb toddler for a weight!


Ask for help ladies. Our society fails to mention this enough, it is GOOD to ask for help. Text your best friend, someone you trust and ask for accountability. Send them texts of your smallest of victories, encourage one another and don't walk this journey alone. Don't ever believe for a second that you are in this season alone! If you don't feel you have someone to reach out to, please know that you can find me on social media and reach out. I know all of our contributors would feel the same. We are ALL here to support, encourage and help one another!

You do you, boo!

I could tell you what I did and ate, and all my steps to success to get my 30lbs. of baby weight off. I would always be happy to share that with anyone and everyone! The reality of it is, what works for me may not work for someone else, and that is OKAY! I hope these tips help, encourage and inspire, but find your groove, find what works for you! The most important thing is finding small ways to love on your body too.

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