Slowing Down for Summer

I have to admit, these past two weeks have been HARD. With an almost 2, 4 and 5 year old my schedule is nothing short of crazy. With summer upon us, our school, therapy, and activity schedules have essentially dwindled. I am trying so very hard to embrace this season of life as I am about to have a Kindergartner in the fall ( cue all the crazy first time mom emotions), but embracing these baby/ toddler years is hard for me. These slow paced, nowhere to be days of summer just seem to be dragging on.

I have a wonderful home filled with PILES of toys, games and activities for my kids, but somehow, these past few weeks I have been dreading staying at home all day. What will we do? How many snacks will I have to make my kids today? What activity will keep my older two happy that the baby cannot get into and destroy? How much tv is too much tv? Is it dinner time yet? oh wait, what is for dinner?

A few things I keep telling myself as we transition into a new, slower, paced season.

Change and growth are always hard. Did I mention it is hard? All change, aways has its growing pains. This is a season of change for me. A much more out of routine, change, and this Momma struggles with less schedules and commitments. I like being busy. I think that is in part, because society tells me that I am a better mom when I am busy. Right now, I know I am being called to be less busy, and there more for my kids. I am sure that by the end of summer, I will be sad that summer is over.

I will miss these years. The days are long, and the years are short. Everyone, always seems to say this phrase. I get it. I really do. I am already blinking and my oldest is almost 6 and independent. They are growing up right in front of me. When I am in the thick of any moment, fighting, crying, sickness, or never feeling left alone I try and remind myself that one day my husband and I will be all alone. They will all grow up and I will be left with an empty house and the longing for the noise and activity. ( although, I do not think I will EVER miss the fighting ;)

This season will be gone quickly. Summer break will be over before I know it. We will be doing our back to school shopping and gearing up for the new year. I will have two kids at three different schools which means I will have SIX different drop off and pick up schedules, as well as doctor appointments, different therapies 3-4 times week as well as any sports or other activities my kids join.

Just know mommas, we are in this together. Sometimes things are hard, and sometimes things are great. Always remember that. And for now, I will squeeze my little ones as hard as I can, put down my phone, and build another lego tower for my son to knock over.
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