So You're A Mom Now

I was precisely twelve days into parenting with my handsome husband of mine. It was that day I realized, I’d never been more exhausted, never done so much laundry, never been covered in so many different bodily fluids...and I’d never been happier.

Newborns are hard work for not being able to do much (at all). Sleep was minimal. My body ached. Frustration hid in every messy corner of our home. Every time I’d cross one thing off my to-do list, I’d have to add three more things onto it. And yet, I was amazed every moment by how capable I was.

Becoming a mom has made me softer and sharper all at once. Who would have guessed I could be so in tune with the needs of a tiny human who literally only communicates in cries and subtle body language? Hint: not me.

Yet here I am, and here you are, pushing through the long nights and spit-up crusted hair together, doing everything we know is best for our precious babies.

I see you, new mama. I get you, because I am you.

Welcome to this sisterhood called Motherhood. No one said momming would be an easy gig, but we’re more capable than we know. So put your baby down for a nap, get yourself a big bowl of ice cream, snuggle up on the couch, and breathe it all in.

Now say it with me, “We were made for this.”

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