Summer Expenses

Summer child expenses can add up fast. Here are some quick tips to keep the budget in tack.

The summer childcare expenses can be outrageous. Summer camps, extended childcare costs and all the other activities to keep them busy during the summer can break the budget if you aren’t careful. This doesn’t even include the expenses for vacations. Here are some budgeting tips to make sure you don’t go into debt, but the kids still have a great summer.

1) The best time to start saving is in September, so you have money set-aside for the next year. You will know what you spent this summer to set a good guideline either to spend less or more next year. Add up everything that you spent and put it into a separate account for expenses that are only done once or maybe a few times a year like life insurance, Christmas, Birthday and summer activities.

2) Be OK with the kids getting bored, boredom leads to creativity, playing with each other and fostering imagination. They will find something to do. This also means limiting the number of paid activities per week. They don’t have to do something every single day and this makes the outings special.

3) Look for free or reduced pricing options through the library or deal sites. The library has a set number of free passes to museums and other places that you can check out the passes and most are for free. We look for deals throughout the year to some of their favorite places to go like waterparks and use them during the summer.

4) Check out your city’s website for summer activities. Most offer camps, classes and opportunities at pools that are very affordable.

5) Look for volunteer opportunities. There are plenty of places that need volunteers and not only are you finding something for free to do with your child you are teaching them the importance of giving back. One of our favorites is to pet puppies for an organization that raises guide dogs. Who doesn’t love petting puppies?

Sometimes as parents we have a sense of guilt that sometimes means spending money we don’t have on our kids. By taking the time to do some research we can still help them make amazing memories in the summer but also can take the time to teach them about budgeting. Share with us your favorite summer budgeting tips, we would love to hear from you!

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