Take Care of Your Face! You Aren’t Getting Another One.

For the longest time, I was guilty of poor skin care. I would get in the shower, splash some water on my face, and consider it washed. That would happen about 3 to 4 times a week because I have a TON of hair, and kids, and the whole process Just. Took. Too. Long. The thought of adding in washing my face was something I couldn’t contemplate.

That was the wrong approach. I know, I did the best I could at the time. But for the past two years I’ve been working on an easy and sustainable face care regimen. And it is making a huge difference.

My friend who’s known me for ten years told me the other day that she was looking at pics of me on facebook, and that I’ve aged backwards. I look younger today than I did ten years ago. Now, washing my face isn’t the only thing I’ve done to keep my skin youthful. I’ll share some of those in another post. But what is amazing is that when you keep your skin healthy, other treatments—like hydrafacials, dermaplaning, and lasers—actually work better. And who doesn’t want to get more results out of their investment?

What does this routine look like? It’s five products, but you only have to use 2-3 at a time. As long as you are working them into your week, you can keep each day’s routine as short or as long as you happen to have time for.
  • First, wash your face! Many people have been using the same face wash for years. Don’t. Just like you can become resistant to antibiotics if you take them too often, the bacteria on your face can become resistant to your wash. Switch it up! Use a gentle wash, then a few times a week add in something stronger like a glycolic wash. This will help keep bacteria off your face, giving you smaller pores and more balanced skin.

  • Next, SUNSCREEN. Use a high-quality mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens can last all day—which is awesome—and usually don’t contain harmful chemicals. When you protect your skin, you give your cells a rest and stop the damage. This makes it easier to repair existing damage and create new high-quality skin.

  • A high-quality retinoid serum is also a must. This will help transform your skin cells, making the dead and dying ones turn over more quickly and making the new skin cells healthier. Retinoids are derived from Vitamin A, and are great building blocks for your skin. You only have to use a few drops a few times a week, usually at night before you go to bed. (But sometimes I do it in the morning—Shhhh!)

  • A multi-tasking moisturizer is a mom must-have. I use one that has Vitamin C, peptides, and growth factors in it as well as other hydrating components. This cuts down on the number of products I need on my counter and really gives me long-lasting non-oily moisture.

  • Lastly, an eye cream. Eye creams can tighten the skin and help keep that under-eye area smooth and bright. I don’t use mine all the time, maybe only three times a week. And you should use a tiny amount, like half a grain of rice. The under-eye skin is super thin and sensitive, so it doesn’t need a lot of product.

Other than “wash your face every day” and “always use sunscreen in the morning,” you can mix-and-match these products depending on how much time you have. I aim to use a moisturizer daily, and the eye cream and retinoid about 3 times a week each.

Taking care of your face with a healthy routine means that you’ll get more out of whatever spa treatments you get, and it means that you’ll be more likely to age beautifully. But don’t stress about your routine. That defeats the purpose!

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