Teaching Our Kids the Importance of Giving Back to Our Community

I would love to volunteer with my kids, but I don’t have time. This statement could not be any more TRUE! As moms, we have 836,253 things to do in a month and researching volunteer opportunities, filling out required paperwork to serve, reserving your spot and once the day comes, trying to figure out where to go and what you’re doing just isn’t high on the priority list for most of us. But teaching our children the importance of giving back to our community IS high on the priority for most of us.

So where do we start that is easy, doesn’t take a lot of time and is making a true difference?

In my experience, you start with your child. Ask your son or daughter who they would like to help and why. Finding what they are interested in will help them connect the dots from the need of the person to how they can help improve that person’s circumstance.

For example, your daughter may love reading and books. You can reach out to your local library to see if they have volunteer opportunities for her age.

Or maybe your son loves dogs. Finding a local animal shelter that needs dog walkers or has a need for a used towel collection. Your child can “own” that collection drive by asking friends, family and neighbors if they have any towels which will be used to make dogs comfortable at the shelter.

Other ways that don’t require a lot of time for you, but are meaningful, are making cards for the elderly and dropping them at the nursing home or donating their toys they no longer use to a local nonprofit. Activities like these give your child ownership over giving back and teaches lifelong lessons.

Our children learn so much by experiencing life. Getting them out in their community interacting with people different from them will teach them more than we could probably ever hope. Almost none of us have time to volunteer, but I can guarantee this, you will reap much when you watch your son fill a backpack for a child whose family cannot afford school supplies or help your daughter serve a meal at a shelter to someone who wouldn’t be eating that night if not for that organization.

If you find that service and outreach is a priority for your family, make it FUN for your whole family! No act of service is too small and the reward is always great.

Looking for more information on service opportunities with your kids?! Feel free to message or email me!

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